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Looking for a new job is a really exciting experience. However, it can also be somewhat overwhelming and a little scary at times. Where do I start? How do I put myself out there? What can I do to help my chances? These are all very valid questions, particularly if you’re looking for a job within a tech startup. Working for a tech startup can be one of the most challenging, exhilarating, and fulfilling career moves a person can make.

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Which explains why it can be super competitive. Getting a great opportunity at a startup is about more than luck. There are skills you need to have, which may help you nail the interview process and the job of your dreams. 

Here are a few of the skills that may just help you land a job in a tech startup.

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Analytical skills are important because they allow you to find solutions to common problems and make decisions about what actions to take next. Understanding problems and analysing the situation for viable solutions will help you in any tech startup. 

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Sales experience

Let’s be real, pretty much all startups are trying to sell something, right? But the reality is that many startups don’t have a proper sales setup, having not yet reached the point where they can hire dedicated salespeople. This means that a lot of the time, startups are looking for people with an ability to sell and approach potential customers.

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There is A LOT going on behind the doors of a tech startup, so multitasking will be super important. Startups are looking for people with skill sets that cover multiple areas. While you may be hired for a specific role, the chances are you will end up wearing multiple hats. 

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To succeed as a member of a tech startup, however, you will need to communicate your vision and ideas to other project team members and outside stakeholders. You will be dealing with all levels of industry, from CEOs to interns, and you must be able to effectively communicate with them all. 

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It goes without saying, to be successful in a tech startup, you need to be a self-starter. Make sure you show off this side of you in your job application. What open source projects have you contributed to? What are your side projects and how do you spend your spare time? You need to be able to back up your ability to get things done. 

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Yep, it really is a virtue! With many startups, you will run into issues and have to start projects more than once. All part of the process. Well-run startups keep iterating and don’t see failure as an issue, but more as an information-gathering experience about the end-user. Patience is key in a world like this. 

By Rebecca O’Keeffe, Content Creator, Jobbio.

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