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You did it, but be cautious when accepting a job offer! 

You applied for the job, endured the lengthy interview process, and now an offer has been made. Well done you! And while this is super exciting, be careful not to jump the gun and accept the role, before making a few considerations about whether or not this is really the role for you. 

Sure, a job offer is great, but these days companies are offering so much more, and it is so important to be aware of these things. There are a number of questions you should ask before you make the move to accept a job offer, about benefits, perks and any extras that may be part of an employment ‘package’. These are the little things that can really improve the mental health and wellbeing of an employee, and can make the difference between liking and loving your job.

Here are some important things to consider before signing on the dotted line…

Pension Scheme

I cannot stress enough the importance of having some sort of pension, your future self will thank you. This is one of the big ones you should bring up when discussing your employment contract. Does the company make any sort of pension contribution? Do they offer access to pension services? You have to ask. 

Bonus Scheme

Perhaps not as common as they should be, it is always worth asking any potential employer about whether or not they offer employees any sort of bonus scheme. This may come in many forms, from stock options to a random bump in your salary.

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Annual Leave 

This is something that is important to pretty much everyone, and definitely something worth negotiating before signing an employment contract. The standard annual leave entitlement in Ireland is 4 weeks, which equates to 20 days if you work a five day week. However, now more than ever, companies are going above and beyond to offer more than the standard entitlement. If you’re someone that loves to travel, this might be worth discussing. 

Room For Growth

The role you’ve been offered is great, but what happens in a year or two? Be sure to talk to your potential employer about whether or not there will be room for promotion or growth after you’ve proven yourself an asset to the company. Nobody wants to become stagnant in the same role, with no potential to advance. 

Salary Discussions

You’re more than likely happy enough with the salary that has been offered to you, but what about the future? Does the company offer a salary scale, or annual salary negotiations? Much like the point about growth, nobody wants to become stagnant with the same salary, with no potential to advance. 

Insurance Benefits 

Maybe you’re not thinking about insurance at the moment, but you certainly should be. During contract negotiations, make sure to ask if the company offers health insurance, life assurance or dental. You won’t realise how important this is until you chip a tooth…

Notice Period

When you’re starting a new job, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is when (or if) you’ll leave it at some stage. However, it is worth noting what your notice period will be, in case you do choose to pursue a new opportunity. 

Non Compete Agreement

This particular issue probably won’t be relevant for many, but it is worth having the conversation, particularly for senior management roles. I have experience in getting caught in a non-compete for 3 months, simply because I was unaware it might apply to me at the time. Don’t get caught out. 

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