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2023 will be a year full of challenges for HR teams. This has to do with multiple factors, including the cost of living crisis and the engagement of your employees. One thing’s for sure: maintaining a good employee experience will stay just as important.

In this article, you get a taste of our whitepaper, which includes the 9 biggest HR trends of 2023. We will highlight key elements and share some of the insights of HR experts from large organizations like Spotify, Culture Amp and About You.

HR analytics are here to stay

When you’re strengthening your business, it’s important to have the right data on your hands. Especially when you’re facing challenging times. On top of that, our latest HR study shows that many HR professionals find HR data most valuable to work on in 2023.

There are many benefits when you use HR analytics to your advantage. This includes making informed decisions, creating business-critical insights and improving human capital management, such as hiring new talent and finetuning your onboarding process. Stop guessing and start relying on data.

Anikka in der Beek, Director People & Organization of About You, emphasizes the importance of using HR analytics, and more importantly; a good database to rely on. “In order to be able to initiate and control processes and measures in a targeted manner, HR managers need a sound and trustworthy database. In 2023, it will often be a matter of making (sometimes difficult) decisions quickly.”

Compensation is becoming more competitive

Even during these challenging times, it can be very rewarding to keep your top talent around by giving them benefits. This isn’t the only thing, as keeping your employees motivated also plays a big role. Make sure that you also improve the conditions of everyone involved in your organization. This can be a big boost for both the culture and the overall morale.

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Showing the willingness to try and improve the overall compensation in your team is a big motivator in itself. Carla Lazo, Head of People & Culture of Puente Romano, confirms this in conversation with Personio.

“Innovations in benefits packages: Despite the recession, companies need to find ways to address the individual needs of employees to keep them motivated.”

Your leaders are more important than ever

Did you know that, according to Personio’s HR study, only 60% of employees say they trust their manager? This is only a little over half, which leaves massive room for improvement.

That’s why 2023 needs to be the year of companies needing to invest more in their leaders. In a world where people are working more hybridly, they expect their manager to be more involved . In addition, they need to be able to navigate their HR team through significant change.

Christian Westin, Team Lead, Leadership Development at Personio, adds that clear communication can be a big help to this as well. “This requires more efficient leadership resources, crystal-clear expectations and capitalizing on the role leaders can play in change management and leading with empathy. HR can play a key role in all of this.”

Do you want to give this year a kickstart? Personio offers you a guide that shows you what the biggest 9 HR trends of 2023 will be. These insights will get you ready, with some great advice from the top HR experts worldwide. Download our HR Trends Report now to get the best results out of your HR team.


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