Startupbootcamp selects 11 startups for 2017 FinTech and CyberSecurity program

Startupbootcamp selects 11 startups for 2017 FinTech and CyberSecurity program

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Accelerator Startupbootcamp has selected 11 startups to participate in their first FinTech & CyberSecurity program. The selection process took place on November 22nd and 23rd after which the accelerator announced the startups that will join their class of 2017. It is a special batch already, as among them is the 100th startup to be selected for Startupbootcamp’s Amsterdam programs. No specific startup received the honour of being Startup number 100 though.

Global Selection

Although the program hasn’t even started, Startupbootcamp already sounds like a proud parent when talking about how the startups presented themselves during the selection days. The accelerator describes the two day event as “a celebration of entrepreneurship, empowerment, ecosystem and innovation”. Six of the selected startups are from the Benelux, with five of them coming from the Netherlands and one from Belgium. Four of the other five are from elsewhere in Europe, and one of them is all the way from Singapore. Here is an after-movie and a little introduction of the Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity Class of 2017:

Six startups from the Benelux

Budgently has developed an app that helps people with spending their money responsibly.

Flymble enables you to do part-payments for plane tickets that usually have to be paid all at once.

Milestonefunds has set up a marketplace lending fund for continental Europe.

Schluss says “Basta, stop, schluss!” to an internet where users have no control about the information about them that is accessible online, as Basta’s app enables users to safely share personal data. In spite of its German name, Schluss is actually a Dutch startup.

Seedwise Capital, formerly known as the Code School, has a solution so secure that their website only shows a lock symbol and a field to fill in a password.

Belgian startup Pom provides users with Peace Of Mind by giving them the option to pay invoice and archive them at the same time.

Five Foreign Founders

Irish startup ID-Pal lets you upload identity information in a safe secured environment, ID pal will do the verification.

Mvendr‘s turnkey payment solutions at first glance look like yet another payment app, but the fact this UK startup already received international media coverage from renowned titles like Techcrunch shows they’re definitely doing something right.

Just like Budgently, Singaporean startup Spendolater helps people to use their money in a responsible way by doing sensible investments through their white label mobile app.

Although Eastern Europe is increasingly getting a reputation as hideout for hackers, it also produces innovative startups with noble ethics, such as Bulgaria’s Virtual Broker. This company helps users to compare insurance policies, and their mission sounds promising: “We believe that good cooperation, transparency and honesty are the foundation of any business”.

Italian startup Wolfway wants to make it possible for anyone willing to invest to try their luck in the trading game. They claim their platform “provides a view of the market through the eyes of traders, analyzing behavior, objectives and results, as one collective financial intelligence”. A genius idea or too good to be true? We’ll find out in 2017…

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