ams OSRAM Releases RGB Versions of High-Power OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs for Machine Vision and Stage Lighting



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  • High current density, very low thermal resistance and low-profile mean that lighting equipment manufacturers can increase brightness while reducing system size
  • Flat LED package for easy integration and closest mounting of optics to light emitting surface (LES)
  • With new Red, True Green and Blue LEDs alongside the existing White version, the OSTAR Projection Compact family provides flexible optical design options in applications from machine vision and stage lighting to projectors and architectural lighting

PREMSTAETTEN, Austria & MUNICH, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, today adds Red, True Green and Blue colors to its OSTAR Projection Compact family of low-profile, ultra-high brightness LEDs, to enable manufacturers of machine vision systems or stage lighting fixtures to create more powerful and slimmer products. ams OSRAM already offered a White option in this package specification, that time known as OSLON Boost.

The new LEDs are ideal for premium high-power lighting products because of their high current density and very high brightness. Featuring a new rectangular ams OSRAM 2 mm2 chip, these LEDs produce very high luminous output – the True Green version is the brightest 520 nm product in its class (1000 lm at 6 A).

The OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs can be packed very closely together in high-power luminaire designs because of their excellent thermal dissipation and small, flat package. The thermal resistance is just 1.4 K/W, while the 4040 package has dimensions of 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm x 0.75 mm. The LEDs’ low profile enables lighting equipment and vision system manufacturers to reduce the size of their products without compromising brightness and performance.

Compared to competing products with a domed primary lens, the flat package of the OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs makes them very easy to couple into optics, giving considerable flexibility to optimize the optical performance of the products for individual applications. All the OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs share the same footprint, enabling easy exchanging of colors in variants of a single board design.

Winfried Schwedler, Marketing Manager of ams OSRAM, said: ‘The excellent current-carrying capability, low thermal resistance and low profile of the OSRAM OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs means that machine vision products and stage lighting equipment can produce an impressively powerful output in any color. These LEDs can also offer high value in projectors and in architectural lighting units such as wall washers.’

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Key features of the OSTAR Projection Compact family are:

Part number


Maximum output power at maximum current



650 lm at 6 A


True Green

1000 lm at 6 A



7200 mW at 8 A



1700 lm at 10 A

The OSTAR® Projection Compact LEDs are available now in production volume. For more technical information or to request samples, please visit the dedicated product websites:





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