CircleCI Launches Free DeepLearning.AI Short Course on Automating LLM Evaluations



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New on-demand course provides developers with the first-ever framework for automating LLM evaluations so software teams can confidently release AI-powered applications

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CircleCI, the leading continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, today announced it has published a free DeepLearning.AI short course titled Automated Testing for LLMOps. This short course is a beginner-level, hour-long learning experience that will introduce developers to practical ways AI-powered applications (apps) can be tested and shipped to production. CI/CD serves a critical role in automating LLMs, enabling continuous testing of real-time changes within the model, and helping developers build and ship AI-powered software with more visibility and confidence.

“We’re excited about this short course because it addresses a key issue for many software teams building LLM-powered applications: how to quickly evaluate and build trust in LLM outputs,” said Andrew Ng, Founder of DeepLearning.AI. “Further, by incorporating LLM evaluations into continuous integration, developers can reduce the risk of unforeseen issues arising from the development process.”

2024 continues to solidify AI’s increasing role in software development. Software teams are shifting their focus from building custom models to working and building on top of existing ones. Therefore, it’s crucial to define best practices when implementing LLMs within applications. By applying the fundamentals of continuous integration, participants who take this short course will learn how to use automated testing techniques to model evaluations, better equipping them to deliver and maintain high-quality applications.

“Many software teams have a huge desire and demand to build AI into their applications, yet we don’t have a set of established practices on how to strengthen AI innovation with the hard and fast norms of software development,” said Rob Zuber, CTO at CircleCI. “However, I believe we already have 90% of the tools and methodologies to be successful. CI/CD is a natural fit for testing LLM-powered applications, which is why we are excited to educate developers using DeepLearning.AI’s robust platform.”

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CircleCI is committed to being the CI/CD tool of choice for AI-powered application development, and the platform has seen strong growth in teams prioritizing AI projects. In 2023, CircleCI saw a +30% increase in AI orgs using the platform and a +108% increase in AI pipeline progression.

About DeepLearning.AI

DeepLearning.AI was founded in 2017 by AI leader and educator Andrew Ng. It is now a front-runner in AI education, with millions of learners across the globe. DeepLearning.AI aims to grow and connect the AI community through world-class education and collaboration.

About CircleCI

CircleCI is the leading continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform for software teams who want to confidently accelerate innovation at scale. Developers working with/on AI/ML technologies are quickly recognizing CircleCI’s value. Since the beginning of 2023, the company has seen a significant uptick in AI/ML projects built on CircleCI. With intelligent automation and delivery tools, CircleCI is used by more than two million developers worldwide, including software teams at Postman, Hinge, Peloton, and Hugging Face, to radically reduce the time from idea to execution. The company combines speed with vast interoperability to enable developers to work where they’re most comfortable, making it the easiest CI/CD to learn, accelerate, and optimize so teams can deliver products their customers love. Learn how to optimize your pipelines at


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