Developer Retention: Beyond compensation (an online webinar for hiring and tech leads)

03mar17:0018:15Developer Retention: Beyond compensation (an online webinar for hiring and tech leads)

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On average, software developers tend to stay in a role for less than 2 years, with the tech industry having the highest talent turnover than any other industry. The impact of lost productivity, delayed digital initiatives and time to replace developers run into the billions globally.

 We’ll discuss: 

???? How to connect customer pain points to individual engineering outputs, resulting in more meaningful and fulfilling work

???? Why psychological safety and boundaries are key to a developer’s experience at work

???? A proactive approach to structured and unstructured growth for your engineers

About our speaker: Jieke Pan, CTO EMEA & APAC at Mobiquity

As VP Engineering & CTO Mobiquity EMEA & APAC, Jieke has over 15 years’ of experience in software engineering, solution architecture and technical leadership, with industrial domain experience across healthcare, eCommerce, digital banking, cloud and digital innovation. Jieke started his career as a researcher in the network security domain, where he also obtained his masters degree. As a software engineer and solution architect, he has worked for global companies such as Siemens, Sony and Infor. As a Chief Technical Officer, Jieke is a thought leader on how to use technology as a tool to achieve business outcomes. He can also provide commentary on the changing role of CTOs and the importance of ‘de-hyping’ technology.



(Thursday) 17:00 - 18:15


Anthea Hartzenberg

[email protected] Prinsengracht Amsterdam, Netherlands

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