These tech startups found success with KVK business challenge; you can too

These tech startups found success with KVK business challenge; you can too

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As founder of a startup you’re sometimes probably dreaming of getting a place at the table with the largest companies and most important businesses. It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. KVK Business Challenge, organized by the Dutch chamber of commerce, gives you the chance to do business at the highest level. The stakes for upcoming challenges are even higher, as they take place around the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in The Hague.

Do business with the largest players in the field

The GES edition of the KVK Business Challenge sets forth new challenges by large corporations which are dealing with specific problems they themselves have trouble to solve. They need the fresh energy and out-of-the box thinking startups can deliver. In return, these startups can start doing business with the largest players on the highest level, right away. Who said you have to get in on the ground floor?

iD& matched with T-Mobile

Previous challenges have given many startups the opportunity to go into business with corporates that would otherwise have been a step too far. Communication platform Smiler, from startup iD&, was the innovation T-Mobile was looking for. The startup got to use the networking giant’s expertise and technology to test their proof of concept. iD&’s communication tool is designed for industry professionals that can’t rely on general solutions offered by for instance Whatsapp. It fit right within the scope of T-Mobile’s own innovation department Futurelab, which offered iD& help with testing and developing.

“With other corporates, you need to hold at least a patent to even get through the door”, says iD& CEO Luuk Stultiens. “But thanks to this challenge, we were already a conversational partner with T-Mobile before anything was even formalized. T-Mobile just said: ‘We’re going to take the next step and help you in other ways as well’.”

Fluctus, ICR3ATE, Studio Mango cooperated with Univé

For the challenge of Dutch insurance company Univé, three startups were selected. Fluctus, ICR3ATE and Studio Mango combined their powers to prevent and battle chimney fires in houses. Together, they are currently researching a product to contain the problems associated with these common fires. “These KVK challenges are an easy way to get in contact with large companies”, says Gertjan Drent of Fluctus. “Before you know it, you have a place at the table. That’s great.”

Cargobee ran a pilot with Sandd

Delivery company Sandd challenged startups to find new ways to use the companies massive delivery network. Startup Cargobee took up the challenge and showed the corporate how their small electrical vehicles could make cities more accessible while at the same time reducing the companies carbon footprint.

Challenges by national police, KPN, EY and more

The upcoming KVK Business Challenge has 14 brand new challenges by some of the largest corporations in The Netherlands. As a startup, you can help KPN to reduce the energy used by the increasing amount of software. Figure out how the national police can trace money earned with production and sale of illegal synthetic drugs. Offer a solution to better monitor patients to Philips or work with EY to structure data and make it suitable for audits.

Register now for KVK Business Challenge

After applying for a challenge, startups get the chance to present their idea in an online environment. Once a corporate decides there is a match, both parties will meet face-to-face on the esteemed Global Entrepreneurship Summit, on June 5th in The Hague, where 2000 successful entrepreneurs, experts and investors from all over the world meet in World Forum to accelerate international business.

Registration for the KVK Business Challenge is open until May 27th. Apply now for one of the fourteen challenges, set by twelve corporates. Pitch your idea and before you know it your startup is in business with the big boys.

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