Infleqtion Names Matthew Kinsella Chief Executive Officer to Lead Next Phase of Quantum Innovation and Growth



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Charts Course for Continued Expansion and Market Leadership


“We are thrilled to welcome Matt as the new CEO of Infleqtion during such an important time for the company and the industry,” said Cathy Lego, Chair of Infleqtion’s Board. “Matt’s extensive understanding of Infleqtion, coupled with his demonstrated success in guiding technology companies through product development, revenue expansion, and successful growth initiatives, will be invaluable as we embark on scaling the business and expanding into high-growth markets.”

“Infleqtion is well positioned to lead as quantum technology shifts out of the lab and into the commercial realm. I’m honored to guide the company through our next pivotal phase,” said Matt Kinsella, Infleqtion CEO. “With our robust foundation, exceptional team, and dedication to scalable solutions, we are ready to seize the immense potential of quantum technology to revolutionize industries and create a brighter future for all. Our focus on clocks, RF, compute, and quantum-enabled AI software presents growing and near-term revenue opportunities. We are committed to developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions to our customers.”

“We express our sincere gratitude to Scott for his exceptional leadership over the past two and a half years,” continued Lego. “Under his guidance, the company successfully navigated a Series B funding round, expanded important technology programs in timing, sensing, and information processing, ventured into new markets, and executed several critical acquisitions. As we enter the next phase of the company’s development and growth, we are exceptionally well positioned to capitalize on these achievements.”

“Infleqtion is an incredibly important company leading the industry in quantum technology development and adoption. As we prepare to accelerate the commercialization of quantum technologies, it is a natural transition point from me to Matt,” said Faris. “Matt has been a great partner on the board, and he knows the company extremely well. I’m proud of the progress we have made and deeply appreciate the entire Infleqtion team for their hard work and support.”

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Quantum technology is widely recognized as a catalyst for transformational progress on a global scale. Infleqtion is at the forefront of commercializing quantum hardware and software, delivering quantum sensing, communication, and computing solutions for industries including finance, defense, energy, healthcare, life sciences, and more. The company recently provided an in-depth look at its 5-year quantum computing roadmap and announced several new partnerships and customer wins that underscore the company’s progress toward commercializing quantum solutions at scale.

Recent corporate milestones include:

  • Global customer and partner momentum: Infleqtion’s neutral atom platform was selected for Japan’s Quantum Moonshot program and the company was also selected to develop and deliver a quantum computing testbed for the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) in the United Kingdom. Infleqtion was the lead quantum innovator in Defence Cyber Marvel 3 (DCM3), Europe’s premier cyber defense exercise organized by the Army Cyber Association.
  • Technology Achievements: The company recently announced significant milestones in gate fidelity, qubit array scaling, and the development of its quantum error-correction system. These achievements signal progress towards the company’s goal of delivering fault-tolerant quantum computers within the next five years, paving the way for genuine commercial advantage.
  • New product introductions: Infleqtion launched Oqtant, the world’s first quantum matter service, which provides groundbreaking access to quantum matter for those working on next-generation quantum applications.

About Infleqtion

Infleqtion, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, delivers high-value quantum information precisely where it is needed. By operating at the Edge, our software-configured, quantum-enabled products deliver unmatched levels of precision and power, generating streams of high-value information for commercial organizations, the United States, and allied governments. With 17 years of ColdQuanta’s pioneering quantum research as our foundation, our hardware products and AI-powered solutions address critical market needs in positioning, navigating, and timing, global communication security and efficiency, resilient energy distribution, and accelerated quantum computing. Learn how Infleqtion is revolutionizing how we communicate, navigate, and discover at and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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