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Female leaders from Deckers, LIDD, Guest Supply, Babylist and Ecolab recognized for their outstanding contributions across the supply chain industry

HAMBURG, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kӧrber, a global leader in supply chain solutions, announced the winners of its Women Leaders in Supply Chain (WLSC) awards at Körber’s Elevate Americas in San Diego. More than 750 representatives attended the annual user conference April 21-24, 2024, and recognized outstanding women leaders for their influential contributions as they shape the future of the industry.

“Our 2024 WLSC honorees are examples of visionary leadership, with their innovative approaches and dedication to setting new industry benchmarks,” said Kelly Woodsum, VP Corporate Marketing Software, Körber Business Area Supply Chain. “Their achievements not only advance our industry, but also serve as a powerful inspiration to others.”

Seven honorees were recognized this year:

  • Joanne Sanseverino, Director of Distribution Services Support at Guest Supply: praised for leadership qualities marked by patience and empathy as she managed IT systems, vendors and internal teams across the successful warehouse management system (WMS) and Voice re-implementation.
  • Roxane Martinez of Deckers Outdoor Corporation: acclaimed for her leadership and strategic vision, overseeing the implementation of a new WMS across three complex distribution centers, with the latest going live last year.
  • Angelika Sabourin, Warehouse Technologies Lead Partner at LIDD Consultants: honored for spearheading more than 50 successful WMS implementations. Described as a luminary in the field, her commitment to customer satisfaction and key role in WMS technology implementation are exemplary.
  • Lori Jackson, Senior VP of Supply Chain Operations at Babylist: celebrated for her pioneering work in e-commerce logistics and supply chain leadership across various B2C brands and significant contributions to the digitization and transformation of the e-commerce supply chain.
  • Lastly, Ecolab was honored for its promotion of women– along with three of its distinguished women leaders:

    • Miriam Steuart, Sr Director North American Logistics: acknowledged for her leadership in implementing new WMS and LMS technology across operations in North America.
    • Brianna Henthorn, Associate Logistics Manager: commended for training and troubleshooting during Go Lives, demonstrating remarkable knowledge and problem-solving skills.
    • Kelsey Harper, Testing Manager for Project High Score: recognized for her leadership across testing efforts, demonstrating fearlessness in advocating for excellence.

“This recognition reflects the positive outcomes we can achieve by valuing diversity across all levels of leadership,” added Angelika Sabourin from LIDD Consultants. “I’m proud to share this moment with my peers who continue to drive the future of the supply chain industry forward.”

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