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Hakkoda triples forecasting horizon with Kantata Cloud for Professional Services™, driving 10% increase in project margin and 5% improvement in resource utilization

IRVINE, Calif. & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kantata, the leading global supplier of purpose-built technology for professional services, today announced that New York-based IT Services firm Hakkoda has experienced 10% absolute improvement in average project margin since adopting the Kantata Cloud for Professional Services™.

Experts in the data infrastructure and analytics space, Hakkoda enables data-driven organizations to innovate, automate, and uncover opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. In just two years, Hakkoda grew from six to over 200 employees. Knowing their current technology stack wouldn’t be able to manage a growing workforce, Hakkoda sought out a more robust tool that could support their growth while providing the data and insights needed to effectively run the business and plan for the future with confidence.

Hakkoda selected Kantata OX, Kantata’s open infrastructure solution. “The thing that I fell in love with the most was the resource planning functionality,” said Corey Ariss, VP of Operations & Technology, Hakkoda. “Being able to visually see where people were staffed, what percentage are staffed, and where we can actually allocate them further, that was the primary driver for choosing Kantata. ​​I wish I would have moved to Kantata sooner. There were a lot of blind spots previously, and Kantata gives you the tools and the data you need to be able to run your business.”

Since adopting Kantata, Hakkoda has been able to:

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  • Triple their forecasting horizon — before Kantata, they could only plan 4 weeks in advance and today they are confidently looking 3 to 6 months into the future.
  • Improve project margins by 10% by streamlining daily operations, removing blind spots, cutting unnecessary costs, and empowering the team to make data-driven decisions that truly drive the success of the business.
  • Plan, allocate, and schedule resources more strategically, proactively, and effectively, which has resulted in reduced bench time between projects and nearly 5% improvement in resource utilization rates.

“Our overall project success and delivery has gone up because we’ve got the insights and the metrics to be able to see how projects are tracking,” said Ariss. “The past couple of quarters we’ve had really high margins because we’ve been able to see where people potentially have an issue of capacity or have additional hours they could be logging. Client satisfaction and the ability to better manage our resources is driving margins up.”

“We know from research Kantata has sponsored that resource forecasting is the top challenge professional services organizations like Hakkoda face,” said Jared Haleck, Chief Product Officer, Kantata. “According to the Resource Management Institute, 50% of businesses say they can only forecast resource needs accurately two months in advance, which is not enough time to hire or plan confidently ahead of demand. Hakkoda’s story highlights the impact a purpose-built solution like Kantata can have in addressing this and driving better business outcomes in the process — not just financial outcomes like higher margins, but also better outcomes for happier clients and a more productive, engaged workforce.”

To learn more about the quantitative results of adopting Kantata, read the entire success story here.

About Kantata:

Kantata takes professional services automation to a new level, giving people-powered businesses the clarity, control, and confidence they need to optimize resource planning and elevate operational performance. Our purpose-built cloud software is helping over 2,000 professional services organizations in more than 100 countries focus on and optimize their most important asset: their people. By leveraging the Kantata Cloud for Professional Services™, professionals gain access to the information and tools they need to win more business, ensure the right people are always available at the right time, and delight clients with project delivery and outcomes.

About Hakkoda:

Leading IT Services organization, Hakkoda, was founded in 2021 to help Snowflake customers realize the true value of their data. The team at Hakkoda is passionate about helping their customers uncover opportunities by making data more accessible, accurate, and trustworthy. Hakkoda recognizes the power that data plays in today’s economy and the team is dedicated to equipping their customers with insights to drive agility, innovation, and ultimately enable businesses to reach their true potential in today’s quickly evolving market. Hakkoda is focused on enabling businesses with the right kind of data so they can confidently make impactful, insightful, and informed decisions — that ultimately drive success for the wider organization.


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