6 effective tools to get your startup running seamlessly

6 effective tools to get your startup running seamlessly

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Every startup is ambitious. If you are part of a startup, you will know that there are numerous odds stacked against you from the very beginning. The startups that come up with out-of-the-box ideas and get enough funding from investors survive and make it to the top. A right blend of appropriate ideas, planning, execution and more are needed to achieve success. But that’s not all!

There’s no shortage of tools aimed to help the startups during the nascent stage. There are various tools and resources for the startups to look upon to minimize the cost, save time and manage the business smartly. These tools handle a variety of tasks such as recruiting to email marketing.

In the current technologically advanced era, to run a startup successfully, the entrepreneurs should possess knowledge about the tools and software needed to manage and automate the business. This way, the business owner will get enough focus on strengthening the foothold of the business and catering to the needs of the target audience.

Let’s take a look at 6 key startup helpers that help businesses operate smoothly.

#1 Creately

Creately is a diagramming and collaboration tool, which helps in creating flowcharts, UML of processes and UI mockups of your business. You can use this tool to easily create a map ahead of launching your product or framing timelines. It lets you collaborate with anyone through email. Any change made to the diagram can be seen by everyone in real-time. It is also possible to track the revision history from the scratch to know all the changes those were made to the initial plan.

#2 QuickBooks

Setting up a startup doesn’t come that easy as it involves a lot of investment. QuickBooks is an awesome software to manage small business accounts. It helps you track all the expenses and manage your taxes. It can be connected to your bank account to import and categorize the transactions automatically. In addition to this, QuickBooks can sync with famous apps and snap photos of your receipts to store on mobile. With this tool, you can the privilege to manage your bills and record payments, share your books and pay multiple vendors for seamless business management.

#3 TaskQue

TaskQue is a web-based productivity management tool, which is powerful and intuitive. It helps you stay organized and keep things under control. It lets you visualize and prioritize tasks, frame to-do lists, share your ideas and get together with others in the team. You can manage all the resources and track their performance. You can distribute your workload to all the resources using this tool.

#4 Podio

For startups, a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a boon to manage data related to existing and potential clients. One such CRM tool is Podio. It is a customizable work management tool that lets you manage client data and communication, billing information, create mailing lists with the data you have and manage invoices. It is customizable letting you mould it to suit your business requirements.

#5 Wise Time

Time is precious, especially for startups. With Wise Time, you can create accurate time tracking reports automatically and seamlessly. With this tool, business owners can get to know how their resources are using their time. It helps you manage your workforce to increase productivity and revenue. The automatic time tracking tool does all this without a lot of your efforts.

#6 Groove

Customer support is a vital aspect. A poor customer support is a mirror reflection of a careless, disorganized and uncommitted company. Groove can fix this. It is a simple help desk software, which delights your customers with a great support. It has customer support tools to help your business engage with customers via emails, live chats, social media posts and calls. To put in simple words, Groove can turn any email software into a customer service help desk.

Having detailed on some tools for startups, now its your time to choose those tools that you would like to use to organize your workflow, boost productivity, manage the business and manage your customers.

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