Cloudalize raises €5M Series A funding: 5 things to know about the Belgium cloud scaleup

Cloudalize raises €5M Series A funding: 5 things to know about the Belgium cloud scaleup

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At present cloud computing service is a fast growing market both in terms of revenue and trend, since the technologies like Big Data Analytics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and others need heavy computing capabilities.

The evolution of cloud computing prevented the organisation from the need to invest and maintain expensive infrastructure, which in turn became far more agile and convenient for the overall efficiency of the business process. Right now, there are many companies across the globe offer cloud platforms for management, development, and implementing applications.

Secured €5 million

One such company to hit the headlines recently is the Belgian scaleup Cloudalize. In a Series A round of funding led by the Hong Kong-based investor Horizons Ventures, Cloudalize has secured €5 million. It’s worth mentioning here that the funding round has been supported by the EIT Digital Accelerator.

“Jeffrey, Benny and the team have built a versatile GPU-powered virtualisation platform that is applicable to a wide range of industries and applications. We are excited to work with the Cloudalize team to help fuel the growing demand for GPU usage globally,” says Jonathan Tam from Horizons Ventures.

“We are very excited to welcome Horizons Ventures as new investors. Having the financial and strategic support of this sophisticated investor both validates the market opportunity and fuels our momentum as a company,” says Benny Willen.

What is Cloudalize?

Founded by Benny Willen, and Jeffrey Meesemaecker in 2011, Cloudalize offers its customers, GPU power on demand so that they can run GPU-driven applications on any device.

With offices in Amsterdam and Ghent, this company’s platform enables architecture, engineering and construction companies to tie-up remotely, and securely on BIM-compliant projects.

Provide virtual models!

In the field of real estate, the companies can use the Software as a Service solution to show their customers a virtual model of the building to be built. On top of that, it also allows software vendors, content creators, and even entertainment providers to distribute their GPU-accelerated applications and 3D models instantly on any device with a single click.

“The real estate space is becoming rapidly digitised because stakeholders have understood that customers expect photorealistic and interactive visualisations of their future purchase,” explains Benny Willen.

Cloudalize ties up with Fortnite producer!

In fact, Cloudalize is the premium Cloud service provider for Nvidia and Epic Games. Furthermore, the company has teamed up with Epic Games, the producer of the game Fortnite, to allow enterprise customers to access its Unreal Engine 4-based content on any device.

Cloudalize roadmap!  

With this funding, Cloudalize is planning to expand its sales network in the U.S, and Asia and to recruit more technology specialists. In addition to that, the company is planning to launch a new offering focused mainly at the companies who are in need of scalable computing resources for artificial intelligence, transcoding or other similar purposes.

“We want to scale up to meet the increasing global demand for our products and services with a key focus on the US and Asian markets,” explains Benny Willen, CEO, and co-founder of Cloudalize. “Cloudalize is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the way companies are working or selling with the help of GPU-accelerated applications.”

“Cloudalize is a prime example of an outstanding European deep tech company scaling up globally,” says Daniel Michel, Head of Access to Finance at EIT Digital Accelerator. “We are impressed with the growing demand across different countries and industries and are pleased to have supported Cloudalize with this growth phase.”

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