Graduation Day EIT Digital Master School: 16 Dutch students receive ICT master degree, aim to drive digital transformation

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Recently, sixteen Dutch students have each received two ICT masters in the Park theatre in Eindhoven during the graduation day of EIT Digital Master School. The eligibility to receive this included a minimum study period at two European tech universities, including TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and UT Twente, over the past two years. In the context of EIT Digital Master School, the departments from the Dutch include data science, security & privacy, internet and cloud computing.

What is EIT Digital Master School?

The EIT Digital Master School is a network of eighteen European universities of technology that offer numerous master’s programs since 2012. It kicked off with the training of 1,750 students, which was four hundred starting this year. Basically, two-thirds of the students obtain the master within the study time of two years.

Every year, the EIT Digital evaluates the relevance of the master’s programs and it makes adequate changes to its curriculum. For example, from September 2019 the new Autonomous Systems program will start the number-1 trend according to Gartner.

The Dutch connection

A total of 245 students from Europe obtained a double two-year master’s degree from EIT Digital out of which sixteen were Dutch. This new cohort of graduates will offer Europe fresh talents to help drive the digital transformation. The courses of study and the number of students include:  

Data Science (57 students, of which six Dutch), Human-Computer Interaction (fifty students, of which six are Dutch), Embedded Systems (forty students, one of whom is Dutch), Internet Technology and Architecture (36 students, of which one is Dutch) , Digital Media Technology (twenty students), Cloud Computing and Services (eighteen students, one of whom is Dutch), Security and Privacy (thirteen students) and Software & Service Architecture (eleven students, one of whom is Dutch).

The students received their diploma on November 24th and the ceremony was followed by a dinner and a party in the Evoluon in Eindhoven. The Dutch city famous for its startup scene in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam. 

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