Hotelchamp introduces AI Autopilot, aims to focus on personalised experience to take on and Expedia

Hotelchamp introduces AI Autopilot, aims to focus on personalised experience to take on and Expedia

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Hotelchamp, an Amsterdam-based startup has introduced a new technology called Autopilot. This new technology is set to revolutionise the way hotels think about their online guest experience. It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine, which is trained to recognise and personalise the experience of visitors to a hotel’s website.

Kristian Valk, the founder, and CEO of the Dutch startup Hotelchamp states that hotel websites provide a static experience for the visitors. This is bizarre given the different guests who visit these sites and their varied preferences. This is what the startup intends to change with the introduction of Autopilot.

Without further ado, let’s see how Hotelchap aims to take over and Expedia with its new AI feature.

AI takes personalisation to the next level

Hotelchamp intends to help hoteliers by providing a better experience to the guests. It is aimed at scaling up quickly and growing at a hyper-fast pace. Enhancing the experience of the guests comes with personalisation. In fact, personalisation is something that guests expect from hotels and it is a challenge to deliver that on a website in a meaningful way, claimed Valk.

This is where AI comes to the picture. Artificial Intelligence can deliver a truly adaptive website experience, which is customised to every single visitor. It brings the right information or interaction to the right person at the right time, he added.

Autopilot is more than a chatbot

The newly launched Autopilot is more than a chatbot. It customises the static hotel websites by deploying a range of marketing techniques and tools. As it is seamlessly integrated, it offers a more lively, responsive and personalised experience. Furthermore, it guides guests throughout the direct booking process based on their requirements.

Years of efforts

Hotelchamp’s data science team has used their years of data and millions of A/B test impressions on developing Autopilot. They have used all these data to know what convinces guests to book directly. The new technology applies this knowledge against factors such as real-time data from the hotel’s website, best practices from thousands of hotels and GDPR-compliant visitor insights as well as behaviour. Hoteliers just have to activate Autopilot with a single switch and the rest is assured.

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