Litho: This finger worn device will let you control your smart home through gestures

Litho: This finger worn device will let you control your smart home through gestures

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Litho, a UK-based hardware and software startup is ready with its innovative finger-worn controller. Founded in 2017 by Nat Martin and Charlie Bruce, this startup provides control over several spatial interactions. It finds applications in AR, VR, smart home and control of IoT devices.

Litho device is touted to be an unobtrusive finger-worn controller. It can be connected to a smartphone or AR headset via Bluetooth Low Energy. The controller features a capacitive touch surface for precise 2D input, tapping and scrolling. It has a slew of motion sensors and delivers haptic feedback as well.

Now, Litho is all set to let developers access its SDK provided they join its beta programme paying $199 ($205). The SDK uses Unity, the popular 3D game development platform. Developers can create apps that can identify the direction in which the user is pointing at and what they are actually pointing at.

Developers can create precise and effortless interactions in 3D with this SDK. It opens up uses cases letting designers and architects create precise 3D models. Also, gamers can come up with a virtual theme park in their garden by just pointing at the space and drawing in 3D. When it comes to its smart home functionalities, it is possible to open an app on a smartphone, operate a virtual dimmer, search for the right bulb, etc. with the Litho wearable device.

While it is yet to make its wearable device commercial, the UK startup has already picked a slew of investors. The startup has raised funding from Greycroft, Chris Albinson who has invested in Pinterest, DocuSign and Turo and Paul Heydon, an early investor in Supercell and Unity. However, there is no word regarding the exact amount of funding.

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