Nxchange and Lykke partner to launch Europe’s first trading platform for digital assets

Nxchange and Lykke partner to launch Europe’s first trading platform for digital assets

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In a recent update, Lykke, a Swiss blockchain-based exchange and Nxchange, a Dutch securities exchange platform have inked a deal to launch a fully regulated tokenised securities exchange in Europe.

Equity shareholder in Nxchange!

With this move, Lykke will become an equity shareholder in Nxchange in return for offering investment capital, blockchain technology, crypto asset trading support and financial engineering expertise to the partnership.

Provide access to a more diverse variety of financial assets

On the other hand, the Nxchange is planning to bring the regulatory expertise in compliance and governance around the listing requirements to facilitate safe and regulated trading. With that being said, the proprietary Lykke Nxchange wallet will provide the storage vehicle, through which users will be authorized to access and trade their digital assets on the market from anywhere in the world.

Secured compared to traditional exchange methods

This new infrastructure will encourage the investors to take control of their financial strategy while handling transactions between two parties. Having said that, the new blockchain technology and smart contracts used in the crypto-markets become vastly cheaper, quicker, more accessible and secure compared to traditional methods of exchange.

Offers peace of mind and trust!

On top, this collaboration recognizes the potential for any asset or security such as equities, bonds, loans, investment products, etc. to be tokenised and traded on the blockchain infrastructure all within an MTF regulated and compliant environment. On top of that, Nxchange has recently announced their collaboration with ABN Amro clearing bank in developing the first blockchain bank account where transactions can be settled real-time against fiat currencies while these are held in the safe custody of ABN Amro clearing bank.

Richard Olsen, the founder of Lykke and globally renowned futures commission merchant OANDA, says:

This is a historic day – not only for Lykke and Nxchange as companies – but for our broader shared vision that is targeted at a more equitable and democratic financial world. The increasing acceptance of digital assets and blockchain infrastructure as the technology of the future correctly comes with a greater emphasis on regulation and compliance. This partnership envisages satisfying all these things while still bringing all the benefits of transformative technology to any individual who wishes to access or exchange anything of value.

Marleen Evertsz, CEO, and founder of Nxchange says:

We believe that the time has come for a more modern form of capital market transactions: efficient, real-time, 24/7, transparent and supported by compliance procedures that assure maximum security. We are delighted to partner with Lykke and to join forces in building the Next Generation Stock Exchange.

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