RevenYOU to launch open source platform in Q1 2019: All you need to know about Dutch fintech startup

RevenYOU to launch open source platform in Q1 2019: All you need to know about Dutch fintech startup

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Trading game doesn’t require years of expertise anymore. There are several financial algorithms to handle the investments these days. This power of financial algorithms is what RevenYOU brings to your smartphone via an app.

Now, the Dutch Fintech startup RevenYOU is in plans to launch a platform that will change the current scenario of investing in the first quarter of 2019. There are banks and other financial institutions that aren’t too transparent. But the world is working on more transparency and people seek an insight and want to experience the ability to compare before making a choice. This is possible as investors and individuals can meet each other without the interference of banks and other financial institutions.

Estimated to be valued at €35 million

The company already received €550K of investments in 9 days thereby making its market value to €4 million. The company’s worth is estimated to raise to €35 million in six months through investments and Youtoken sales.

Heads up about RevenYOU

RevenYOU founded by three men – Colin Gross, Michiel Stokman, and Stefan Beijen is headquartered in the Netherlands. It is a trading mobile application aimed at improving the existing financial trading practice and provide a simplified access to investments to the global users. This platform aims to eliminate barriers and reservations that restricted investments only to the experts in the past.

It is an open source platform ensuring that everyone all over the world can invest. This yet-to-be-launched platform will let users view and compare different investment options easily. You can try out different strategies to understand which one gives you the best returns.

How RevenYou works?

RevenYOU ecosystem will provide users with access to trading technology, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and trading strategies. This platform shares all the generated revenue fairly with users. It brings developers, gamers and quants together by offering financial rewards. It makes investments simple for the users by giving them with the best algorithms to choose from based on their profile, what they want to trade in, the popularity of the algorithm, the expected ROI (Return on Investment) and their exchange type.

Token ownership is a must

In order to use the services of RevenYOU, users need to purchase YOU tokens. Token ownership makes users part owners of the platform. RevenYOU has an in-app wallet for the token holders to store their token and receive the token rewards. New users will receive free starter YOU tokens. Notably, the tokens are trade-able on the cryptocurrency exchanges where they are listed.

It’s smart and safe

RevenYOU is a user-friendly platform making it appealing. It is also a secure app with a smart user identification algorithm to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing users’ information. It is possible for users to experience the app for free.

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