10 promising startups from Italy to watch out for in 2019

10 promising startups from Italy to watch out for in 2019

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Italy is one of the gorgeous landscapes in Europe known for ancient civilisation and fantastic wine. The country has entered the startup boom after many others in Europe due to a deficit of infrastructure support and the number of challenges that entrepreneurs and startups had to face.

Despite these roadblocks, Italy has progressed into a sizzling tech ecosystem quickly. This growth was possible as the government has made efforts to help the startup ecosystem grow with many initiatives. The Italian Startup Act was launched in 2012 to make it easier to launch startups. Also, the government slashed red tap for non-bank investors and minimised taxes to lure international entrepreneurs.

New startups in Italy that register with the government’s official startup registry get benefits including lower taxes, relaxed labour laws and more that simplify their launch process. As a result, there are several successful startups in Italy and here we list the most promising ones as sourced from Dealroom.

Talent Garden

Founders: Davide Dattoli
Funding: €50.1 million
Valuation: €176 million – €264 million
Founded year: 2011

Why its hot: Talent Garden is Europe’s leading innovation platform and co-working network. It operates with the mission to create vibrant, local and globally connected campuses that empower tech and digital communities. Currently, Talent Global has 23 campuses across eight countries. It raised €44 million in March this year to open more co-working space across Europe.


Founders: Valerio Fonseca
Funding: €50 million
Valuation: €200 million – €300 million
Founded year: 2007

Why its hot: DoveVivo is Italy’s first and largest co-living company. With this company, you can make your home generate a constant income for you and the same will be maximised in the long-term. You can lease your property and DoveVivo will take care of everything starting from renovation to looking out for tenants sans any additional cost or charges.


Founders: Alberto Dalmasso, Dario Brignone, Samuele Pinta
Funding: €48.2 million
Valuation: €115 million
Founded year: 2013

Why its hot: Satispay is a mobile payment platform that lets you pay your annual road tax, share a cab with a friend and more. It is a seamless platform that lets businesses receive payments of any kind at a cheaper fee. Satispay is meant for people who want to simplify their lives. It is a one-stop solution that will let users manage their savings with its digital money box feature.


Founders: Francesco Banfi
Funding: €30 million
Valuation: €80 million – €120 million
Founded year: 2016

Why its hot: Brumbrum is an e-commerce platform for car buying and leasing. This startup showcases a range of used and refurbished cars with product guarantees at affordable prices. The vehicles listed on the platform have undergone a car-check involving over 200 points to ensure various aspects including body, interiors, electronics, braking and safe system and mechanics. Earlier this year, Brumbrum raised €20 million to scale its operations across Italy and expand to other markets in Europe.


Founders: Francesca Todeschini, Gianmarco Molinari, Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula, Jacopo Anselmi, Sabino Costanza
Funding: €26 million
Valuation: €40 million – €60 million
Founded year: 2015

Why its hot: Credimi is an innovative startup founded by a group of young talents. It operates with the mission of simplifying access to corporate credit. This year, Credimi started supporting medium and long-term loans in addition to the factoring offers. With this platform, you can require a free proposal to transfer your company’s credits or take up a loan to support your growth.


Founders: David Mascarella, Ivan Fioravanti
Funding: €18.2 million
Valuation: $80 million – $120 million
Founded year: 2014

Why its hot: CoreView is the global leader in Microsoft Office 365 security, management and adoption. The company provides enterprise organisations and Microsoft partners the ability to monitor, manage, report, and audit valuable information on all aspects of their Office 365 environment. It is committed to help enterprises maximise SaaS investments.


Founder: Enrico Pandian
Funding: €17.4 million
Valuation: €52 million – €78 million
Founded year: 2014

Why its hot: Supermercato24 makes online grocery shopping convenient for customers. The company connects customers and personal grocery shoppers in the locality and lets them rate their shopper’s service. The company has teamed up with major local and global supermarket chains such as Conad and Coop. Supermercato24 lets its partners digitise their assortment, make deliveries, manage payments and provide customer care services.



Founders: Alessandro Petazzi, Claudio Bellinzona, Fabio Zecchini, Paolo Giulini
Funding: €14.9 million
Valuation: €36 million – €55 million
Founded year: 2012

Why its hot: Italian travel tech startup Musement makes it easy to discover, select and purchase tickets for recreational and cultural experiences. It provides more than 35,000 non-exclusive activities in nearly 1,100 cities. The Musement platform has special offers, categories and gifting features as well for travellers to explore the location in the best way possible. Back in October 2018, Musement was acquired by travel giant TUI Group.


Founders: Giorgio Tinacci
Funding: €9.1 million
Valuation: €28 million – €42 million
Founded year: 2017

Why its hot: Casavo intends to simplify the process and transaction experience with its iBuyer model. The automated valuation engine considers more than 70 variables and provides the fair value of the property to the potential sellers instantly. The proptech startup arranges for an inspection of the property for free and makes use the seller receives the full cash within a month.


Founders: Alexis Susset
Funding: €2 million
Valuation: €8 million – €12 million
Founded year: 2015

Why its hot: Enerbrain converts wasteful buildings into healthier, smarter and more sustainable ones with its innovative IoT energy retrofit solution. Enerbrain’s solution measures air quality including temperature, humidity, pollutants and CO2 and optimises these factors in real-time. Last year, Enerbrain won the first prize in the EIT Digital Challenge in the Digital Industry category. Also, it joined the EIT Digital Accelerator program to boost international growth.

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