10 best European crowdfunding platforms to consider for fundraising in 2019

10 best European crowdfunding platforms to consider for fundraising in 2019

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With the influx of more and more crowdfunding platforms, one has to agree to the fact that it attained a significant level of growth, adoption and maturity, especially in recent years. Having said that many startups and private investors are considering crowdfunding as their first choice of raising money.

What is a crowdfunding platform?

Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new venture. This method of collecting funds taps into the collaborative efforts of a large pool of individuals through a dedicated crowdfunding platform, and social media.

For instance, Equity crowdfunding allows small investors to diversify their portfolios and gain ownership over growing startups. With this platform, the privilege of a few wealthy individuals investing in a startup is no longer available.

Keeping that in mind and based on a search from Dealroom, we have compiled a list listed out of top 10 crowdfunding platform in Europe that you need to know about.

Crowdcube (UK)

Founders: Darren Westlake, Luke Lang, Oriol Cordón, Pepe Borrell

No. of rounds: 65

Crowdcube is a leading equity crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs of startups and growing businesses. Further, it uses the web-based notion of ‘crowdfunding’ where a community of like-minded people pool their money and knowledge together to back an idea, business or person. This platform enables individuals to invest or loan in small companies in return for equity or an annual return.

Top investments: Verv, The Ethical Butcher, Jivr, Shaw Academy, Uniti

Seedrs (UK)

Founders: Carlos Silva, Jeff Lynn

No. of rounds: 34

Seedrs is a UK-based equity crowdfunding platform. They make it simple and allows all types of investors to invest in businesses they believe in. Moreover, the company do all of this through a simple, highly professional, online process that protects and empowers investors while helping businesses grow and generate returns.

Top investments: Welendus, Wrisk, Pixelpin, CrowdProperty, CapitalRise

Invesdor (Finland)

Founders: Jouni Leskinen, Lare Lekman, Lasse Mäkelä, Miikka Poutiainen, Petteri Poutiainen, Timo Lappi

No. of rounds: 16

Invesdor helps investors big and small from more than 70 countries find ambitious European growth companies and invest in them easily and securely. Notably, the company is a pioneer in fintech platform based in Northern Europe. Furthermore, Invesdor’s clients include private and publicly traded companies from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK. Invesdor Ltd is acquiring Austrian Finnest GmbH to form Invesdor Group that will serve companies across Nordic and DACH regions. The acquisition is expected to close soon.

Top investments: Finnest, Distence Oy, Klever app, Yepzon, Seabased

The Crowd Angel (Spain)

Founder: Ramón Saltor

No. of rounds: 5

The Crowd Angel is an equity crowdfunding platform that enables its users to invest from €3000 in a selection of the best Spanish startups. A hybrid between crowdfunding and venture capital, it takes an active part on the board of the companies invested. The platform opens the business angel model to people who want to enter the startup ecosystem.

Top investments: Akiles, Jobin, Clintu, Yego, Yugo

Symbid (The Netherlands)

Founders: Korstiaan Zandvliet, Robin Slakhorst

No. of rounds: 2

Started in 2011, Symbid aims to empower entrepreneurship by providing everyone who dares to be different with access to the required funding. It is a leading online funding portal for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Moreover, the company connect entrepreneurs to traditional and alternative forms of finance, enabling anyone to invest with full transparency on the potential risks and returns of their portfolio.

Top investments: Sneleentaxi, Sustainer homes, Motoshare, Nerdalize, Cabture

Sowefund (France)

Founders: Benjamin Wattinne, Georges Viglietti, Jean-Philippe Leflot

No. of rounds: 4

Sowefund is a leading platform specialized in financing innovation. This platform specialises in venture capital, analyses the files and supports startups in their fundraising efforts. In addition to it, the company also organises events and meetings throughout the year.

Top investments: Biocellvia, Auxivia, Lunii, EkWateur, Leka

Anaxago (France)

Founders: Caroline Lamaud, François Carbone, Joachim Dupont

No. of rounds: 1

Anaxago brings together investors looking for new ways to invest and unique investment opportunities in real-estate and in startups. The platform not only enables entrepreneurs to benefit from the financial support but also learn from the shareholders’ experience, expertise and network. They also prefer to select companies with real innovative value added.

Top investments: Quidol, Acticor biotech company, Nestor, Fred de la Compta, Wisitiki

Leapfunder (The Netherlands)

Founders: Matthias Havenaar, Merien ten Houten, Patrick Zeeuw, Tienko Rasker

No. of rounds: 1

Leapfunder aims to help startups to find early-stage financing, through Leapfunder convertible note. Through Leapfunder anyone can become an Angel investor. An investment can start from as low as €1000. Notably, the founders jointly have decades of experience with early-stage investing.

Top investments: Etergo, clevergig, Dashtag, Plot project, Usono

Wiseed (France)

Founders: Nicolas Seres, Thierry Merquiol

Number of rounds: 4

Wiseed is a crowdfunding platform that enables individuals to invest in SMEs and enterprises offering an opportunity to build a diversified and efficient portfolio. Founded in 2008, this platform offers investments for startups, real-estate firms, social innovation and renewable energy projects, and agriculture firms. Notably, Wiseed is an investment company approved by the ACPR and has the status of PSI (Investment Services Provider).

Top investments: Digicoop, Antabio, Poietis, Naïo Technologies

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