10 exciting startups in France using technology to transform your health care experience

10 exciting startups in France using technology to transform your health care experience

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Advancement in tools like machine learning, data science and Artificial Intelligence uncovers a largely untapped opportunity for the health tech startups globally. In fact, there are some brilliant startups in France with solutions that not only appeal to health care systems but also serves as a inspiration for innovation hubs that are launching their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Furthermore, the growth in the digital health market is expected to rise with the usage of life science research, improved patient care and more. In this regard, we have listed down 5 promising healthcare start-ups that are redefining the field with the help of Dealroom.

Doctolib (Paris)

Founders: Franck Tetzlaff, Ivan Schneider, Jessy Bernal, Stanislas Niox-Chateau, Steve Abou Rjeily, Thomas Landais

Funding: €237M

Doctolib is an online and mobile booking platform that helps to find a specialist doctor nearby and make an appointment. With this platform, the company aims to simplify the life of physicians and healthcare facilities and improve healthcare access for patients. The online platform currently works with 75,000 practitioners and 1,400 healthcare organisations; every month 30 million doctor visits are facilitated by the platform. The company employs 750 people across 40 cities.

Dental Monitoring (Paris)

Founder: Philippe Salah

Funding: €50M

Dental monitoring is the world’s first web and mobile application designed for self-monitoring dental treatment. Founded in 2015, Dental Monitoring solutions are app or cloud-based and allow dental professionals to assess and monitor dental conditions, including orthodontics, in-practice or remotely.

Their aim is to increase the level of care through the use of sophisticated assessment tools, to augment patient engagement through facilitated communication, and to increase both patient convenience and practice efficiency.

Teranga Software (Paris)

Founder: Philippe Thalamy

Teranga Software is a major player in the market of software for all types of care homes for senior citizens and people with disabilities. It’s worth mentioning that Teranga Software is currently in use in over 1,700 facilities across France. In fact, the products offered by Teranga Software are characterised by their 100% web-based approach and user-friendliness. They can be customised for the optimised management of resident records in assisted living facilities (EHPAD). Notably, the company’s software is fully compatible with DMP (the French Electronic Health Records) and LAP certified (Prescription Assistance Software).

Qare.fr ( Paris)

Founders: Augustin Chatenet, David Lescure, Nicolas Wolikow

Funding: €26M

Qare is a unique on-demand, online-to-offline, virtual medical practice, offering all the benefits of the French medical system abroad. Furthermore, it provides French residents in London with unlimited access, seven days a week, to an exclusive network of French medical professionals, GPs and specialists based both in France and the UK. With over 12 specialities covered, Qare is the first telemedicine platform to offer an innovative and holistic health service to the French-speaking community-based in London.

Ouihelp ( Paris)

Founders: Pierre-Emmanuel Bercegeay, Victor Sebag

Funding: €3.3M

Ouihelp is all about a home help solution for the elderly to help them live in their homes as long as possible in good conditions. The company also guarantees the dependent person to always have the same life assistant with the skills and personality adapted to his needs. Notably, Ouihelp has around forty employees in Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Rennes and Lille.

Azae (Strasbourg)

Azae has been providing home help services since 2005 and has developed a range of services to meet the specific needs of families throughout life: cleaning/ironing, childcare, home support, gardening and cleaning professional spaces. With 140 agencies in France, Azaé offers local service and offers a free personalized quote to the customer.

dipikapp (Paris)

Founders: Jeremy Dahan

Dipikapp is a social logbook for diabetics, focused on the communication between patient, doctor, and close people. This web platform allows the patient to enter all their records through the web app for doctors reference to check and comment.

MeSoigner (Bordeaux)

MeSoigner creates a community pharmacy network that aims to provide more information and services to patients at the right price.

Spin-Off fingertips (Nice)

Founder: Alain Tixier

Funding: €1.2M

This platform provides an entire ecosystem to enhance the quality of life of the elderly or people with disabilities. Spin-off fingertips objective is to allow these persons to choose home-care instead of hospital stays and to provide comfort, safety and social interactions to them.

KelDoc (Paris)

Founders: Eduardo Ronzano, Frédéric Malamitsas, Nicolas Douay

Funding: €1.7M

KelDoc is the platform for patients to book appointments in French hospitals and clinics. The startup aim is to is improve healthcare access in France for patients by allowing them to book a convenient appointment 24/7 and in only one minute and helping patients keep track of their health.

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