5 fastest-growing Dutch SaaS startups you need to look out for in 2019

5 fastest-growing Dutch SaaS startups you need to look out for in 2019

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Numerous startups are based on ideas that offer Software as a Service, which is also widely known as Saas. However, did you know that there’s a list called SaaS 1000, that was announced by SaasMag and keeps track of the 1000 top growing SaaS companies worldwide? Well, now you know. As one might have guessed, being included in this list means that your startup is doing great, and if it enters the top 100, you are possibly headed towards being a market leader.

Five Dutch startups have established themselves as market leaders by making it to SaaS 1000. Framer Studio, Recruitee, Usabilla, CustomerGauge, and Servoy are the five rapidly growing startups that have made it to the list and are poised to become market leaders in their respective domains.

Framer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Founders: Koen Bok, Jorn van Dijk

Total Funding: €30.3 million

The Amsterdam-based startup Framer offers an interactive design platform Framer X, which is described as a “fully integrated design, prototyping and developer handoff tool.” Framer X is said to help in easier creation of visually appealing app designs and prototypes. The company bagged the number 15 spot on the SaaS 1000 list with a 41.94 percent growth over a six month period.

Recruitee (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Founders: Perry Oostdam, Paul Smoczyk.

Total Funding: Undisclosed

Recruitee came up with a Talent Acquisition Platform, which bolted the company to the 62nd spot on the SaaSMag’s SaaS 1000 list of the fastest-growing startups. It’s ranked first out of all ATS providers that made it to the list. The company provides a hiring platform that can be utilised by a whole team and it works by integrating four products into one: employer branding, job promoting, talent sourcing, and applicant tracking. The company has also been listed as a Momentum Leader the Applicant Tracking System category in G2’s Grid for Applicant Tracking Systems.

Usabilla (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Founders: Marc van Agteren, Paul Veugen, Roel Jansen

Total Funding: €910,000

Landing on the 129th spot, Usabilla is an enterprise SaaS startup that helps its clients capture feedback from its customers by deploying targeted surveys. This converts to increased conversion on the web, in apps and emails and also said to help collect both quantitative and qualitative data that help turn insights into actions.

Servoy (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Founders: Jan Aleman

Total Funding: Undisclosed

Established to develop, sell and support the Servoy suite of products, the startup is placed on the 120th position on the SaaS 1000 list. It has shown a 13.16 percent growth over a period of six months. The company offers reusable code in the form of components, frameworks, pre-built functionality and templates. This means that coders don’t need to start from scratch, resulting in faster development times.

CustomerGauge (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Founders: Adam Dorrell, Camilla Scholten

Total Funding: €2.3 million

Ranking 521 on the Saas 1000 list, the startup CustomerGauge develops tools to deliver real-time feedback across the organization. It is also claimed to be among the first software platforms to segment customers based on lifetime value and hierarchy. Over a six month period, the company has exhibited 3.92 percent growth.

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