Shleep: Amsterdam-based sleep tech startup scores €1.4M, plans to develop the platform further

Shleep: Amsterdam-based sleep tech startup scores €1.4M, plans to develop the platform further

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Right from mental stress to physical ailments, pretty much everything can be solved with a good night’s rest. But, getting a peaceful sleep amid distraction is a huge task in itself. Worry not! Sleep tech is here!

Based out of Amsterdam, Shleep is a sleep tech company, focuses on improving the performance of companies by improving the sleep of employees, teams, and leaders through a digital sleep coaching platform.

Scored €1.4M!

In the latest development, the company has attracted €1.4M from VCs, including Global Founders Capital, and Health Innovations to further develop its existing sleep platform. Shleep will invest the proceeds in developing its neuroscience-based sleep coaching platform further to improve employee productivity, health, and engagement.

It has a client base including the Huffington Post, Deloitte, and Spotify – who have experienced substantial improvements in sleep (up to 50% reduction in sleep debt) and performance improvement (up to 25% increase in productivity).

“This funding round is a major milestone for Shleep,” said Albers, COO of Shleep. “It will allow us to scale our platform much faster to more employees.”

Science-based sleep coaching platform!

For the uninitiated, Shleep is the first science-based sleep coaching platform for companies, created by Dr. Els van der Helm (previously at McKinsey) and Jöran Albers (formerly at Bain), and their team of sleep PhDs, health experts, and software engineers.

Notably, this platform supports employees, teams, and leaders in changing their behavior and habits around sleep to avoid burnout and increase employee productivity, health, and engagement.

Access to tailored exercises and courses!

Users of its platform have access to tailored exercises and courses, a sleep expert, relaxation and jet lag tools, individual and group sleep consultations and live webinars on topics such as how to cope with sleep deprivation, insomnia, jet lag and sleep in babies.

Creating a cultural change!

This digital platform supports clients in creating a cultural change around the topic of sleep and performance through the platform, an HR dashboard, and a team-based program.

 CEO Dr. van der Helm, said:

With so many people disengaged and unproductive at work, we believe that we need to fix one of the root causes. Research now shows sleep is a critical driver for your burnout risk, your ability to come up with new insights or ideas, to manage your own emotions and recognise emotions in others, and even your ability to trust others and behave ethically.

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