Check out: Amsterdam-based uButler’s virtual assistant Sophie is way better than Batman’s Alfred!

Check out: Amsterdam-based uButler’s virtual assistant Sophie is way better than Batman’s Alfred!

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We are quite thrilled about the impact that personal assistant apps have in the digital world. Not only are they helpful but also provide markets for many startups. Turning an AI into something practical that can help us in our daily life is a boss move, isn’t it?

At present, there is no shortage of personal assistant apps on the market be it Siri, Cortana or Google. While the above AI helps people in setting alarms and reminders, Sophie, the virtual assistant of uButler helps you in settling down in the Netherlands ensuring smooth completion of the relocation process.

Sophie – The guy in a chair!

Like Alfred to Batman, Sophie acts as a ‘guy in the chair’ to support highly skilled migrants during the entire relocation process to the Netherlands through a smart 24/7 chat application.

Interestingly, the apps offer long-term personal support and guides in establishing initial social connections to help prevent early departure.

Personal assistant for expats! 

After serving the market as a 24/7 messaging-based assistant for over 3.5 years, the company is planning to use the chat expertise and technical systems to shake up the relocation world. uButler launched in early 2016 as an on-demand chat-based delivery service.

Arranging anything literally! 

Over the past three years, uButler created a unique service, purely focused on ‘arranging’ stuff right form restaurant reservations, flight bookings, arranging VISA, translating letters, and much more.

Around mid-2018, the chat service of uButler became popular among the expat community in the Netherlands. However, the startup changed its direction and decided to focus entirely on the relocation process of highly skilled migrants and talent recruited abroad.

In this mission, uButler can assist users day and night with any possible request. It responds within an average of 40 seconds. It’s worth mentioning that, it speaks fluent English and Dutch and operates as a link between the user and the market.

Why the change? 

Over the last year, the company realised the employers and traditional relocation companies fall short in the guidance of newly hired foreign employees.

“There is a lack of technical innovation in the relocation market. Dutch employers need to involve many small specialist parties in the relocation process of their newly hired employees to meet all needs.” say, Laurens de Preud’homme, co-founder of uButler.

Aims to fill the void!

Moreover, it’s a big challenge for Dutch employers to provide the right guidance to international employees after their arrival in the Netherlands. The company fills the gap through an innovative chat application, where all the necessary tasks of relocation are arranged.

Quite lately, the demand for foreign employees is increasing due to a shortage in the labour market. On top of that, the uncertainty of a Brexit also causes a growth in the influx of highly skilled migrants to the Netherlands.

Quiet, calm and composed!

Based out of Amsterdam, the company offers its services to companies established in the Netherlands and available exclusively for the relocation of expats/highly skilled migrants from June 2019. So far, the company has raised 1.2 million in funding.

Similar to Gobutler?

All said and done, UButler is not the only one of its kind. Back in April 2015, the Gobutler was launched in Germany. It’s a messaging­-based digital personal assistant that combines AI with human assistants to let you request anything on-demand as well.

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