Delft-based VSParticle voted winner of Academic Startup Competition 2019 along with 9 others

Delft-based VSParticle voted winner of Academic Startup Competition 2019 along with 9 others

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In a recent development, VSParticle, a startup specialised in nanoparticle production and integration, has been voted one of the winners of the Academic Startup Competition 2019.

This year, 28 startups in the Netherlands have been nominated for Academic Startup Competition 2019 across categories such as energy, food/agri, connectivity and health.

State Secretary Mona Keijzer:

Academic startups are extremely important for the Netherlands because of their often innovative breakthroughs that impact society in all sorts of ways. The 10 winners show that Dutch universities and institutes play on the highest global stage.

If you are not aware, Academic Startup Competition is an initiative of StartupDelta, VSNU and the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI). It challenges scientific institutions and universities to nominate their best spin-off startups.

The Delft University of Technology had nominated VSParticle for their breakthrough in the field of new materials. For the uninitiated, VSPARTICLE develops nanoparticle generators for various applications such as sensors, batteries, catalysis, solar cells, healthcare, additive manufacturing, nano safety, and more.

VSParticle – Print technology for flexible sensors

One of the reasons that VSParticle has been nominated and has achieved great success in a short time is because they lay the foundation for the solution to a global and challenging problem: materials efficiency.

VSParticle’s technology works on a scale of single atoms to 20 nanometers and can create, and also print, materials with quantum properties enabling users to play with the possibilities and to invent entirely new materials or discover new applications

It’s worth mentioning that, VS Particle was spun-out of TU Delft university by professor Andreas Schmidt-Ott, scientist Tobias Pfeiffer and former student, Van Vugt in 2014.

Jury Panel!

A professional jury assessed the startups, consisting of Betsy Lindsey, director of investor relations HighTechXL, Kees de Koning, SB Innovation Quarter, Dennis Schipper, managing director Demcon Margot Weijnen, professor at TU Delft, Emile Aarts, Jos Nelissen, founder Newtricious, Eline Vrijland, Founder NightBalance Alberto Prado, Philip Healthworks and Fiona Maclaughlin, Director INKEF Capital.

These 10 best academic startups will now present themselves to the global audience at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2019 on June 4 and 5 in The Hague. In addition, the winners are offered a trip to Silicon Valley by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. There they learn how they can scale up their innovation faster and develop startup to scale-up.

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