Dutch startup, EIT Digital Challenge winner Storro wins The Labs Battle at Fujitsu World Tour

Dutch startup, EIT Digital Challenge winner Storro wins The Labs Battle at Fujitsu World Tour

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Blockchain has made its entry into almost all industries. The Dutch startup Storro’s cybersecurity app also uses this technology for safe and secure file sharing and storage. Every Storro project has its own private blockchain.

Being simple and secure, recently this app from the Dutch startup has been declared the winner of The Labs Battle at the Fujitsu World Tour. The event’s theme this year as ‘Co-creation for success’. The app won an invitation to the Fujitsu Forum in Munich to happen in November 2018. At the event, they will take part in the start-up competition to showcase their idea to 14,000 international visitors.

EIT Digital Challenge winner

Further, the Dutch tech startup has also been the winner of EIT Digital Challenge 2015. This Amsterdam-based startup has developed an app that lets you create secure spaces in order to collaborate with others with a few clicks. You just have to choose your location where the project data is saved. The data will be accessible only by yourself and people authorized by you. It is touted to have made sharing of data among groups safer and simpler than ever before.

Earlier in an exclusive chat with Silicon CanalsFriso Stoffer, CFO and business developer at Storro noted, “EIT Digital guided us in multiple ways. We have had intense assistance and personal contact during the development of our product. They participated during brainstorming, educated us through numerous coaching sessions and were a big help during our first financing rounds. Eventually, EIT Digital set up meetings with multiple investors.”

Today, at Silicon Canals, we have come up with the highlighted features of this app and how Storro works. Let’s take a look at the same from here without any further ado.

Creates a virtual hard drive

Storro creates a virtual hard drive on your system and you can edit, open and save files in your system’s file explorer or file manager as you always do. The files stored in the virtual hard drive are encrypted and compartmentalized automatically. If a project is shared with others, the content in it will also be shared.

Access any revision

You can access any revision of a file and restore the same. The Storro app has a unique deduplication feature, which restores app chances separately without using a lot of display space.

Technology used by Storro

#1 Blockchain: Storro projects use blockchain to bring transparency. With blockchain, any change made in the project is visible to all the members and the trail cannot be manipulated.

#2 Crytography: Storro implements the highest standard encryption protocols. The encryption happens in three ways – secures connections between devices, converts files on the hard drive, and cryptographically enforces the rights management. All encryption keys are locally generated and owned solely by the owner of the data.

#3 Compartmentalization: The encrypted files are fragmented into small pieces and stored across the network of members in the team in different locations. All the data pieces will be available even when the data carrier is unavailable.

#4 Decentralization: The cybersecurity app from the Dutch startup makes use of peer-to-peer communication between the members. What’s interesting is that there is no central database and Storro doesn’t store any of the user data.

This way the app doesn’t provide access to your data to any of the prying eyes or unauthorized members.

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