Dutch startups at Web Summit 2018: 6 major announcements that were made

Dutch startups at Web Summit 2018: 6 major announcements that were made

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Web Summit is a popular and rapidly growing tech conference meant for the European ecosystem. This year, the conference was hosted in Lisbon for the third consecutive time from November 6 to November 8. Unlike the previous years, the Web Summit 2018 saw more Dutch startups than ever. And, over 70 companies showcased their latest innovations at the conference.

Holland was an event partner of Web Summit 2018, and the Holland Corner was a meeting place for deal-making, networking and gathering information about the Dutch business ecosystem. Even StartupDelta, Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch Embassy Lisbon were at the Web Summit’s Holland Corner.

Holland Corner offered NL networking opportunities, VIP meetups hosted by Prince Constantijn van Oranje, StartupDelta Special Envoy; Ian Wilson, (Heineken); Alexander Griekspoor (Award-winning Mac and iOS app Agenda), Karina Kuperus (KPMG), Sandra Petschar (Philips), Dave Dirks (EVO Venture Partners) and Tanja Kufner (MHP and dynamics.vc).

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the six major announcements from Dutch startups at the Web Summit 2018.

#1 ECG Excellence won machine demo award

Founded in 2018 by Peter van Dam in the Netherlands, ECG-Excellence announced the launch of their next level Electrogram morphology diagnostics and prognosis. The startup adds advanced 3D imaging and innovative software in order to detect cardiac diseases even before the symptoms show up. The startup operates with the passion to save lives using enhanced ECG technology. Reportedly, they also won the Machine Demo award.

#2 Watermelon launches LiveChat

Founded in 2016 in Utrecht by Alexander Wijninga and Charl Haas, Watermelon launched LiveChat in order to compete against the likes of Zapier, Intercom and Zendesk. LiveChat with AI chatbots keeps consumers informed and reduces the workload of customer service employees. The latest version of LiveChat offers important improvements, new features and a complete overhaul.

#3 BuzzShow launches first blockchain-controlled video social media network

BuzzShow was founded by Offer Kohen earlier this year. At the Web Summit 2018, BuzzShow launched its first blockchain-controlled video social media network with both YouTube and Facebook functionalities. The reward-based system using blockchain allows users to earn “Goldies”, which are BuzzShow utility tokens for their activities.

#4 Polariks got launched

Back in 2016, Max Wijsman and Dennis van der Wiel founded Polariks in the Netherlands. It develops hyperspectral imagery for agriculture. It brings in advancement in crop monitoring and precision agriculture with hyperspectral remote sensing. This way, farmers can see in their crops and know the conditions of their crops including the biological processes and next step to be taken. Polariks received investment from ESA Business Incubation Centre but the amount is yet to be revealed.

#5 NestEgg was introduced

NestEgg was founded in 2017 by Nathalie Drost, Isaac Ibiapina and Dean Masley in the Netherlands. It aims to simplify legacy pension infrastructure with the help of blockchain, which brings transparency in the administration of assets. The startup has received a funding from Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus but the amount of funding remains undisclosed.

#6 Drones for Work showcased

This Dutch startup was founded by Robert Crone and M Bos in 2017. Drones for Work intends to take the drone technology to a step ahead. It develops maintenance drones that can be used in dangerous situations such as heavy winds. The complex operation is possible by implementing state-of-the-art control systems. The startup develops their own drones to provide tailored solutions for their customers. It received investment from ESA Business Incubation Centre but the amount is yet to be revealed.

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