UPDATE: Energy disruptor Solarus banks €900.000 in another successful crowdfunding campaign

UPDATE: Energy disruptor Solarus banks €900.000 in another successful crowdfunding campaign

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Article has been updated with the latest figures per January 5th, 2018.

Solarus, a Dutch manufacturer of highly efficient solar systems, closed a successful €800.000 equity crowdfunding campaign in 2016 to finance the company’s mission to grow internationally. And now, on the brink of 2018, the company from Venlo has raised another €900.000 during its second crowdfunding campaign. This will enable the company to start implementing its flexible business model on a worldwide scale.

Three times more energy

Solarus aims to fight energy shortage and decrease the emissions of CO2 and other pollutants from burning fossil fuel. To achieve this, an energy transition is required. It is exactly this transition which Solarus aims to accelerate. For this cause, the company’s goal is to implement its solar PV-T systems on a global scale. Solarus’ revolutionary “PowerCollectors” produce warmth and electricity on the same surface, resulting in the generation of three times more energy than more conventional solar panels would. These so-called “C-PVT systems” also have a peak performance of 750W/m2, which is the highest yield of energy in the market. Concluding, the PowerCollector can be installed anywhere, as it is build to also fit in limited amounts of space.

A second crowdfunding campaign

At the moment, Solarus’ second crowdfunding campaign is nearing a total amount of €692.000 raised. However, the company aims to match the success of the first campaign, raising €800.000. This is why Solarus has given the crowd an additional two weeks to invest in the company, until the end of the year. Crowdfunding platform Symbid facilitated the first crowdfunding campaign of Solarus and is continuing doing so during the second one. This current campaign is also part of a bigger investment round which is expected to end in early 2018.

Growing Internationally

This year has been very impactful to the solar energy provider. The company raised a total amount of €6.7M, thanks to the first crowdfunding campaign and the investments of a couple of big investment funds, including ForestEffect Fund and NASACA. These investments have enabled Solarus to further automate its highly innovative production line and to welcome three experienced sales professionals. The investments have also made it possible for the company to work on over 40 projects at the same time.

Selling 400.000 Powercollectors

In addition, Solarus’ PowerCollector has been sold separately to 1500 collectors in 15 different countries. Last but not least, Solarus has now added Cyprus, India, Switzerland, and Africa to its list of business partners. At the end, Solarus aims to make an impact: selling over 400.000 PowerCollectors within the next three years. Concluding, Solarus’ second crowdfunding campaign has ultimately led to a total amount of €900.00.

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