Dutch Finance Lab lands €30M by NLE founder Pieter Schoen for “next level working capital”

Dutch Finance Lab lands €30M by NLE founder Pieter Schoen for “next level working capital”

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Dutch Finance Lab is a financing company that is going to focus on providing Dutch companies with working capital. The fintech startup was founded by Louis Hofmeijer, Jeroen Smits, and Martijn Don, and marks the first non-banking financial company in the Netherlands that will take on this role. Dutch Finance Lab has now landed an investment of €30M by NLE founder Pieter Schoen, which is considered to be an unusually high amount of funding for a young entreprise.

Impact Factoring

Dutch Finance Lab will be active with the labels BizPay and Impact Factoring. BizPay will be focusing on financing webshops, while Impact Factoring will be focusing on providing working capital for entrepreneurs. Both of these labels will be unique in their own distinct ways.

Non-banking financial company

Jeroen Smits: “The special thing about Impact Factoring is the fact that we are the first non-banking financial company able to provide multiple forms of working capital to entrepreneurs. Also, we are going to work together with alternative financers to offer a complete range of financing services. Because of this, we will be able to commit to long-lasting relationships with customers. We want to turn startups into scaleups. Companies that are already reaching stable amounts of income can also benefit from our services. We are flexible and offer competitive prices.”


BizPay will be focusing on the funding of webshops. Martijn Don stated the following on the label: “There are very few instances for webshops and wholesalers in which they can enable customers to pay afterward without financing this themselves. Our solution is distinctive in this sense. With BizPay, we can offer webshops and wholesalers real-time financing up to €25.000 per order, providing the solution to this problem.”

Disrupting the market

Ultimately, it is Dutch Finance Lab’s goal to be a disruptive player in the market. Because of the investment, the startup will be able to offer its services at very competitive prices. By using Dutch Finance Lab’s state of the art financing platform, entrepreneurs can request working capital fast and at any time. Concluding, Smits says the following: “We are going to bring working capital in the Netherlands to a higher level. We like to call it ‘Next Level Working Capital’.”


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