FlixMobility becomes world’s largest green bus service provider: 6 facts to know about the German startup

FlixMobility becomes world’s largest green bus service provider: 6 facts to know about the German startup

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FlixMobility started as a low-cost bus startup and has been transforming the way people travel in Europe via its FlixBus brand. It is a tech startup that operates in both the transportation and e-commerce segments. The straightforward and user-friendly booking system and extensive route network help users travel within their budget.

Founded in 2011 by Jochen Engert, Daniel Krauss and André Schwämmlein in Munich. FlixMobility recently announced that it has become the world’s largest bus provider in terms of network reach. It connects 29 countries and has a massive route network of 350,000 daily connections in both Europe and U.S.

Silicon Canals has come up with 6 interesting things to know about the German bus provider.

Sustainable bus travel

FlixMobility was founded with the intention to make bus travel sustainable, comfortable and affordable. It came up with FlixBus in 2013 following the bus market deregulation in Germany. Soon, this bus provider became a preferred long-distance travel provider in the country with consistent year-on-year growth.

Launched FlixTrain in 2018

In 2018, FlixMobility launched FlixTrain in Germany. It also launched the first-ever all-electric bus on long-distance routes in Germany and France. It lets commuters travel comfortably and cheaply in a train and it covers amazing cities in Germany. The benefits of choosing FlixTrain are free Wi-Fi, easy booking, ability to make quick changes in booking and complimentary snacks and drinks.

Virtual Reality on board

Lately, FlixBus took a major leap in the technological front. It added VR (Virtual Reality) experience to some of its long-distance routes in and out of Las Vegas. The FlixBus VR feature offers 50 virtual reality games as well as travel experiences. This feature is limited to routes from Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson and San Diego. Only commuters who reserve a panoramic seat on these select routes will be able to enjoy the VR feature for free.

Environment-friendly service

Both FlixTrain and FlixBus brands adhere to the environment-friendly standards and offer convenient and affordable means of commute to the users. Basically, these are green means of transport that serve as a great replacement to private transportation, which adds to pollution.

Enjoy great FlixTravel experience

When it comes to the overall experience of using the FlixMobility brands, it digitises the bus travel for users. With the current technological advancements, it offers a simple and user-friendly e-ticketing system, the FlixBus app, GPS Live Tracking, free Wi-Fi on board and automated delay management system. It provides best offers for customers with its smart network planning and price management strategies.

Global expansion spree

Last year, FlixMobility expanded its presence throughout the SouthWest United States and opened a new headquarters in Los Angeles. In 2019, the expansion will continue and the services will be launched in Texas and New York City. Notably, the company opened a new office in New York City recently.

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