Frankfurt-based Go Crush attracts new angel investor while crushing it in online dating space

Frankfurt-based Go Crush attracts new angel investor while crushing it in online dating space

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Online dating, for better or for worse, changes completely depending upon the concept applied to it. For example, Bumble empowers women to take the initiative and talk to someone they are interested in, while Tinder looks for mutual likes. What both these services have in common is that there’s no option to date as a group and small talk before meeting up can lead to unrealistic expectations.

The Frankfurt-based startup Go Crush dating app intends to change the dating scene by enabling people to date in groups. This not only reduces the high expectations set due to small talk, but also makes it less awkward for people who are meeting up for the first time. Seeing how the startup’s idea of dating was something fresh and worthy of investing in, the ex-CEO of Elitepartner, Dr Jost Schwaner decided to become an angel investor in Go Crush.

What is Go Crush?

The whole idea of Go Crush is to break away from the traditional forms of online dating. When one usually matches with a person, they wait to chat and then, maybe, a meet-up in real life. Go Crush eliminates unnecessary wait by enabling people to meet directly in real life as a group. This not only disperses the awkwardness one usually finds on a one-on-one date but also makes the atmosphere more relaxed and secure.

Go Crush is not only a dating app but also a socialising app. Users of the app face less pressure of having the perfect date since they interact in groups. Additionally, the service shifts focus from finding a new partner to simply hanging out with like-minded individuals. The app connects with Facebook to verify the identity of a user and after logging in, one needs to choose a group to use the service. Once a group is filled, the app automatically reserves a table at one of its pre-selected locations where people can meet up and “look forward to getting to know each other in a relaxed round without having to chat first.”

Fresh investments

The startup has received fresh funds, thanks to Schwaner’s undisclosed mid-five-figure investment. The startup raised €250k last year and now plans to raise another €500k in September this year. Schwaner apparently decided to invest in the company after looking at the rapidly growing number of users on the platform and positive user feedback. Schwaner is enthusiastic about “the multitude of new possibilities offered by the group aspect” and says that Go Crush is “optimal not only for singles, but also for people new to the city or business travellers.”

Founders Kai Burghardt, Lukas Reinhardt, and Joao Ferreira say, “We are delighted to have Jost Schwaner on board, one of the most experienced personalities in the German dating industry. He’ll be a big help in scaling Go Crush, and he knows exactly how to build up a community.”

How it all started

The Frankfurt-based Go Crush app was started in 2017 after one of the founders, Lukas Reinhardt became uber frustrated with how traditional dating apps operate. He developed the Go Crush service with the co-founders Kai Burghardt, and Joao Ferreira, and launched the app, which was initially called Crush. Since then, the app has grown by leaps and bounds with over 50,000 registered users in Germany.

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