These are the new exciting tech startups from the YES!Delft incubator program

These are the new exciting tech startups from the YES!Delft incubator program

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Traveling from Amsterdam to Paris in under thirty minutes and a robot to help you sleep better. From a record number of over one hundred applicants, incubator YES!Delft selected seven new teams for its Incubation Program and another ten ideas for the ‘pressure cooker’ program LaunchLab, which is aimed specifically at validating business models. 

Hardware orientated

YES!Delft is one of the biggest and most successful tech incubators in The Netherlands that helps entrepreneurs to facilitate growth in a fast and sustainable way. The goal is simple: getting them to become viable businesses as fast as possible. YES!Delft offers access to mentors, experts, investors and partners who share their know-how, network and experience. “Our selection is strict, but with the goal to make sure entrepreneurs make impact,” says Daan Domhof, Incubation & Growth Manager

Last February the first group of companies entered YES!Delft, followed by a second batch in June. This third and last batch of startups of 2016 brings the total amount of incubated teams to 18. Unique about this third batch is that all companies build hardware products.


Out of the seven new teams, quite a few startups indeed look very promising, with innovative ideas that are quite ambitious. First we have Hyperloop; a startup from Delft that is one of the contenders in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Pod Competition. The team builds a travel capsule with a pressurized cabin for high-speed transportation in airtight tubes. With this technology, you can theoretically travel from Amsterdam to Paris in thirty minutes, using a fraction of the energy consumed by current systems.



Next up is Somnox, a soft robot that helps you sleep better. Over 43 percent of the Western-European population is suffering from sleep deprivation. Somnox offers the first non-medicinal solution to this problem in the form of a soft robot that simulates maintaining a steady breathing rhythm, which makes you fall asleep more easily and experience a deeper sleep.



Spending too much time in the morning and evening brushing your teeth? According to Joppe van Dijk that is all about to change. His startup Toothbrush (what’s in a name?) brushes all teeth in just ten seconds. With a uniquely designed electronic handle and a separate disposable mouthpiece , Van Dijk claims to get the job done more effectively and efficiently.


Other companies include E-trailer (an innovative braking system), Infinipipe (an efficient on-site pipeline production method), Scoozy (a smart mobility scooter) and ATMOS UAV, that are working on a drone that maps land areas.

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