Here’s why the Eindhoven tech giants have united to sponsor PSV

Here’s why the Eindhoven tech giants have united to sponsor PSV

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In a recent development, PSV will join forces with some big Dutch companies next summer to start an innovative co-operation. ASML, Philips, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, VDL Group and Jumbo Supermarkets will commit themselves as premium partners of PSV under the name of Metropolitan Region Brainport Eindhoven.

All parties share the ambition to put the Eindhoven region on the map as a global leader in knowledge, high-tech development and innovation. “This is a first in the history of the top sport. We will create a new ecosystem and the way we will do it is characteristic of the interconnection in this region”, says PSV General Manager Toon Gerbrands.

Eindhoven region as a global leader!

Henk Valk, CEO Philips Benelux, says: “All companies in the region help to build Brainport Eindhoven as a leading world-class and innovative top technology region. We all have one big challenge: to attract and retain the right talent. On top of that, we want to invest in the business climate and the health of employees and inhabitants so that we can strengthen the national as well as the international appeal of the region.”

For a great future!

Valk insists that PSV is more than football. “PSV unites”, he continues. “The club has won the hearts and minds of many people in the region, throughout the Netherlands and all over the world. Philips, ASML, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Jumbo Supermarkets and VDL Group are all flourishing businesses and are among the top performers and specialists in their own field.

Premium partnership

Several projects have been launched the past few months that underline the strength of the new partnership. The international promotion of the business climate for high tech companies is a major theme in the new cooperation for High Tech Campus Eindhoven “On top of these examples, this partnership has some special characteristics”, continues Janssen.

“Making a stand for the region and its inhabitants is unprecedented. Moreover, the continuation of the partnership is a special phenomenon. This is going to be an evolving partnership, which other companies with an affinity for Brainport Eindhoven are expected to join in the near future.

Moreover, the connections between Brainport Eindhoven and PSV are a historical connection, shared ambitions and key values, Local roots and scoring internationally.

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