Paris-based freelance marketplace Malt raises €25M funding to expand across Europe

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Paris-based startup Malt has just undergone a capital infusion of €25 million from an investment round led by Idinvest Partners. Other participants involved in the round include existing investors ISAI and Serena.

Now, the startup has managed to bring its total funding to €32 million since its inception. The startup provides a platform for freelancers to serve businesses with their expertise.

Malt – a talent pool of freelancers

Malt enables big corporate companies to hire freelancers for specialised tasks. Companies get benefited with the quality work as per their requirements without hiring permanent employees.

On the other hand, freelancers are provided with regular freelancing jobs from multiple companies. Besides, Malt facilitates freelancers with all the intricate admin process, health coverage, insurance and grievance redressals.

The companies rate freelancers with their feedbacks after every assignment so that further hiring remains efficient for companies.

CAC40 companies work with Malt

Founded in 2014 by Vincent Huguet and Hugo Lassiège, Malt currently boards 100,000 freelancers on its platform. With over 100 employees, the startup maintains offices in Paris, Lyon, and Madrid. Malt has partnered with 15,000 companies including France’s top 40 public companies.

Malt CEO and co-founder Vincent Huguet elucidated, “We believe the gigantic B2B staffing market has only just started its transformation, but we’ve reached a tipping point where the best experts are now freelancers. Companies must adapt to this new reality in a context in which talent is hard to come by. Their capacity to innovate relies on it.”

Next: Germany and the Netherlands

As per the latest reports, there are 930,000 freelancers in France as of September 2018. The data is quite similar in other European countries. With the latest funding, Malt is looking forward to expand its platform across Europe. For the time being, Germany and the Netherlands will be in priority.

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