Dutch startup hipster has two new peculiar workspaces to choose from

Dutch startup hipster has two new peculiar workspaces to choose from

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The subculture of Amsterdam stipsters (hipsters with a startup) flourishes. Where the old-fashioned entrepreneurs work to make money, the stipsters work to make the world a better place. For these young professionals running a startup is a way of life. They drink Skinny Latte in coffeebars or work in co-working spaces. But that’s no longer enough. Now the Dutch stipster has two new peculiar workspaces to choose from.

Je m’appelle Company

Stipsters are super social, but this initiative is next level social. It’s the ultimate way of lifestyle entrepreneurship and co-working. In a house in Amsterdam West, Je m’appelle Company opened its doors. The 25 creatives of the Je m’appelle-community do not only work together, they also live in the same building. Like one big happy family the lifestyle entrepreneurs are 24/7 happy together.


Je m’appelle Company  is an idea of Tijn Hoyng, who worked and lived with entrepreneurs in a house in Silicon Valley. A nice mix of expertise and likeminded, entrepreneurial mentality brought the most differing projects to life. “Everybody in the house was working on beautiful projects. They helped each other to great heights. That’s the kind of magic I also wanted in the Netherlands”, says Hoyng.

200 entrepreneurs

Back in The Netherlands he found a house in Amsterdam West and filled it in no time with working people from Achtung, I Amsterdam, Amsterdam Worldwide, Unilever, Wanderbrief and Ahold. Now the waiting list counts 200 entrepreneurs and Je m’appelle Company is planning to enlarge to other Dutch cities, and even to other countries.


And then there’s Popices, pop-up outdoor offices in Amsterdam. On boats, in parks or on rooftop terraces: this summer the stipsters and their beanbags will be popping up in random outside office locations around Amsterdam. The Popices-team, consisting of ex-Peerby, -Travelbird and -Rockstart entrepreneurs, want to ‘reclaim the summer’. They don’t want to work in boring offices while the Dutch weather outside is ‘beautiful’. According to them, it’s a shame to be missing out.

More than an outside office

But Popices is more than an outside office with a desk, pingpong table, WiFi and a complex coffeemachine. It’s also a place where startups and companies can pitch their ideas (of course) and freelancers can collaborate. So, where do you drink your Skinny Latte this summer?

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