This digital health startup developing digital companion for cancer patients scores seven-figure deal

This digital health startup developing digital companion for cancer patients scores seven-figure deal

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Thanks to innovative medical technologies! Humankind has never been able to live healthy or longer as we can today. Various companies across the world have pushed the progress in Medtech and Healthtech, making it more efficient and accessible.

Having said that, Cancer remains one of the world’s greatest challenges for both medicine and society. According to the WHO, 18.1 million people were diagnosed with Cancer in 2018. In Germany alone, every second individual will have Cancer in the course of their life.

Digitial companion for cancer patients

There are lots of digital health startups available at present that utilises technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and much more to diagnose and cure the disease. In this regard, Berlin-based Mika is one of the digital health startups that develop digital companion for cancer patients.

Scored low 7-digit euros 

Recently, mika has closed a funding round in the low 7-digit euros led by the venture capital firm Ananda Impact Ventures and VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

The company will use the infusion of capital to conduct a clinical study and further develop mika. In the future, the app will be able to respond to individual patients in an even more personalised manner using artificial intelligence.

German Digital Healthcare Act

Notably, the new round of financing coincides with the passing of the German Digital Healthcare Act (Digitale Versorgung-Gesetz, DVG), which represents a decisive turning point in the German digital health market.

Founded by Dr. Gandolf Finke and Dr. Jan Simon Raue in 2017, the company’s goal is to accompany individuals with Cancer through the challenging time of illness and treatment.


Also, they want to improve their quality of life and the outcomes of therapy through digital technology. For the uninitiated, mika stands for “Mein interaktiver Krebs-Assistant” (“My Interactive Cancer Assistant”).

It accompanies patients through therapy with a specially developed support program that is personalised based on the patient’s situation. Furthermore, the app provides information on diagnoses and treatment options, nutritional advice, relaxation exercises and concrete support for everyday living with CCancer.

In addition to it, users can utilise mika to document their physical and mental wellbeing, complaints, and side effects in a patient diary, which they can reference in later discussions with treating physicians. mika is available in the App Store and the Google Play store.

mika founder Dr. Gandolf Finke, said:

With Ananda Impact Ventures and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, we are pleased that we were able to convince two experienced representatives of the venture capital scene of the value of mika. Together, we can improve the lives of millions of people suffering from cancer.

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