Dutch startup Online Succes raises €300k to expand its lead generation platform

Dutch startup Online Succes raises €300k to expand its lead generation platform

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Startup Online Succes, based in Haarlem, enables B2B marketers and their sales teams to win more deals.  The young software company announced today it received €300.000 in funding from angel investors.

Identifies visitors

The Online Succes software identifies companies and people that visit their website. They use their own technology and their partnership with the Dutch market leader in business information, Company.info. Alex Vermeule, CEO of Online Succes: “The funding allows us to invest in our product and the growth of our company. It’s a great step in our journey and in our opinion, we’re just getting started.”

New leads with Online Succes

According to Frank Husmann, co-founder of Online Succes, even with the best performing online marketing campaigns, on average 97% of website visitors stays unidentified. “With Online Succes you’ll be able to identify these visitors and automatically create a database of companies and people that you can reach out to. It is one of the most simple methods of collecting new leads.”

Further expansion

Online Succes launched March 2015 in The Netherlands and already 1.200 companies are using the software on a daily basis. The startup has many paying clients, such as SDU, Payper and Eneco. The funding allows Online Succes to further expand both the development and the sales teams.


Dutch competitor LeadBoxer, an alumnus of Rockstart’s Web & Mobile Accelerator program in 2015, basically offers the same features. A year and a half ago, the Amsterdam-based startup also announced a seed round worth €500.000 from The Hatch Firm.

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