Pick-it: The scaleup that helps robots see the world just banked €2.5mn

Pick-it: The scaleup that helps robots see the world just banked €2.5mn

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Leave a vision behind.We’ve often come across this “Eye Donation” quote! 

Pick-it, a Leuven scale-up, founded in 2016 is doing that exactly. Don’t get me wrong here. In an attempt to simplify the automation process for a large number of production companies, three founders Peter Soetens, Ruben Smits and Bert Willaert came up with a product that provides an eye or a vision to robots. 

How do they make this happen? Well, with the combination of their 3D camera and AI-powered software, they enable the robots to move around, understand and manipulate or process objects in an automated process.

Pick-it future plans!

Recently, the Belgium-based Pick-it collected a fund around €2.5 million from Urbain Vandeurzen and PMV to enhance their level and to provide eyes to robot all around the world. 

With this fund, Pick-it aims at building local distributors across the globe and planning to invest further in improving internal sales and support organization. According to Pick-it CEO Peter Soetens, around 300.000 industrial robots are sold worldwide on yearly basis, but only 10-15% are of them have a camera.

In fact, the AI behind Pick-it software enables the full automation of several industrial processes such as bin picking, machine loading and depalletizing. In fact, many of the manufacturing giants including Saint Gobain, Continental, Procter & Gamble, and Hutchinson uses Pick-it products in their production department as well.

In a blog post, Urbain Vandeurzen, said, “They have a proven track record of delivering their innovative robot vision systems across the globe. Their ambition to become the global market leader in this segment makes them a promising investment that we proudly support through this capital injection and our extensive experience in successfully managing fast-growing technology companies. In addition to it, he conceives Pick-it as a global market leader in this fast-growing market and extends his support by investing from the family investment fund. 

Roald Borré, Head of Equity Investment bij PMV quoted “Robotics and artificial intelligence will undoubtedly have an impact on our industrial, economic and social tissue. PMV is delighted to assist Pick-it in the next steps in its growth process.

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