Seed for digitisation: This Belgian wealthtech startup raises €2M for R&D

Seed for digitisation: This Belgian wealthtech startup raises €2M for R&D

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Investsuite, a Belgian-Flemish fintech company, recently announced that it had raised €2 million in a seed round of investment led by PMV which has over €1 billion in assets under management and offers customised financial solutions for entrepreneurs, including venture capital, loans and guarantees.

Investsuite along with PMV, its founders and business angels is set to soar as a wealthtech startup. The B2B wealth tech startup avows that this capital will be used to fuel R&D investments.

Investsuite: A sneak peek

Launched on November 12, 2018, by banking veteran Bart Vanhaeren (CEO) and Laurent Sorber, a PhD in Mathematical Engineering (CTO), Investsuite offers the best of the worlds, banking and technology.

It has facilitated financial institutions by addressing client’s growing digital needs and increasing their market position with a superior online value proposition. Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium with an office in Warsaw, Poland, the startup is a member of fintech ecosystems in Frankfurt, Zurich, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and Copenhagen and is aiming for commercial expansion in Europe and beyond.

Features that make Investsuite different

With a white-label robo-advisory solution as its launch product, Investsuite’s products include a differentiating proprietary algorithm based upon a fourth generation approach to risk, a MIFID II-compliant onboarding module, a customisable user interface and API-based access. The company promises a product suite expansion for 2019 which is drawn from the next-generation retail trading platform.

Investsuite’s umbrella is catering to wealth management and investment solutions for its clients. With this in mind, founder Bart Vanhaeren iterates that they do not believe in the standalone B2C model. However, they assert that to be different because they are “from the start – a pure B2B player”.

Some robo-advisors like Scalable are moving towards adapting to the B2B model but Investsuite claims that they are the real deal and have ‘no double agenda’. Integration into the systems of banking software providers (core banking systems and Portfolio Management Systems) architecture via an open API approach is one of the core directives. The company is already in talks with several providers. Once API links are built, implementation can go much quicker. The company is thriving on innovation which will help the financial institutions bring great products to market.

Investsuite is promising to address multifarious issues with specialised roles that it dons in the world of wealth management, digitalisation, design and a global drive for sustainable and ethical investments.

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