Main Capital pours “several millions” in Dutch social media monitoring startup

Main Capital pours “several millions” in Dutch social media monitoring startup

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Main Capital is taking a substantial stake in social media monitoring startups OBI4Wan and OBILytics. The private equity investor from The Hague will help the companies, based in Zaandam, gain traction in other countries, with a focus on Germany. Details of the deal have not been made public, but we’ve learned it involves “several millions” in euro.

Managing the socials across Europe

OBI4Wan and OBILytics are two separate companies, yet share the same roots. OBI4wan is founded in 2011 and supports their customers in monitoring social media. It also helps them to operate a smooth webcare and facilitate social CRM. According to the company its software uses 20 million online sources for over 550 clients. Among those clients are Belastingdienst, software company AFAS, HBO, Essent and They also operate internationally, with clients in Italy, Belgium, Germany and France.

Social media analytics

OBILytics, the name kind of gives it away, is an analytics tool designed for social media. As a separate entity, founded in 2015 when OBI4wan-founders Alexander de Ruiter and Alex Slatman partnered with data scientist Frank Smit. It helps organizations get the full picture of their social media usage and their marketing expenses. They are currently serving clients like Belgium retailer Colruyt and Vivat insurances.

‘Several million euro involved’

Main Capital will take over a substantial share in both of the companies. As we’ve learned, it’s a deal involving several million euro. Besides that, Main Capital will support OBI4wan and OBILytics with their international growth and product portfolio, by the means of international acquisitions. The companies currently have their international operations mainly in Belgium, but Main Capital wants to aim more for Germany as well.

New phase for OBI4wan

To this day, OBI4wan has been growing independently. Co-founder Alexander de Ruiter is looking forward to the new phase:

“Our ambition is to continue our growth outside of The Netherlands as well. Main Capital is the perfect partner for us, with their knowledge of software companies, their international network and the preparedness to invest.”


Main Capital is a private equity investor, specializing in late-stage growth capital. The scalability is one of the main reasons for investor Main Capital to pour money into the startup:

“For years the management has been able to combine profits with rapid growth”, says Charly Zwemstra, Managing Partner at Main Capital. “We’re seeing great opportunities to further expand these profits and international expansion.”

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