The Airbnb of car parking: Parkpnp wants to end your parking problems forever

The Airbnb of car parking: Parkpnp wants to end your parking problems forever

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Parking in European cities is a big hassle! With lots of tourists coming in and also limited parking spaces available around the city center, those driving on 4-wheels sometimes have to roam around for hours to find a parking space during rush hours.

To solve this particular issue and make parking easier for people, Belgium parking app startup Sharemypark which got acquired by Irish startup Parkpnp, two months ago has embarked on a crowdfunding to accelerate the development of the idea behind the startup.

The Belgian entity of Parkpnp is directed by William Detry and Victor Boels and now the transaction will allow Parkpnp to accelerate the growth of digital payments in the Belgian market parking, allowing motorists to pay and park easily in underutilized parking spaces.

The concept of Parkpnp

Parkpnp offers everyone the opportunity to invest in the future of the car park by launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise €200,000 on the platform (formerly MymicroInvest). The entrance ticket for investors begin to €100. Starting today, the most active Parkpnp invites its 10,000 users to pre-register. Further, others can register when the campaign will open in a week.

Parkpnp: All that you need to know

Parkpnp was founded in 2016 by Irish entrepreneurs Garret Flower and Daniel Paul. Currently, the company invests more than 100,000 cars a year and numerous partnerships with leading groups in real estate, parking and hotels, including MVGM, Euro Car Parks and IHG.

The company raised €3 million till date and is experiencing aggressive growth across Europe, notably through the acquisition of Sharemypark in March 2018. This fundraiser aims to engage our growing community of users, leaving them the opportunity to co-invest together in the future of the car park.

As per the company press release, Irish CEO Garret Flower said, “I love investing in crowdfunds, it’s so cool to put money into businesses you love and watch ’em grow into iconic brands qui benefit everyone. Parkpnp has built a really strong community over last two years and now we want to give them a chance to play an even more central role in our journey as we scale to become Europe’s next startup success story ”

Meanwhile, Parkpnp app is available online , and for  iOS and Android smartphone users. Parkpnp is like Airbnb for car parking and currently has more than 20,000 parking spaces across Europe and helps drivers save up to 70% on their annual parking bill. With Parkpnp, people can book seats on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Take a look at the video below to understand the concept of Parkpnp.

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