These 10 cool IoT startups in Berlin are hiring at the fastest rate in 2019

These 10 cool IoT startups in Berlin are hiring at the fastest rate in 2019

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IoT (Internet of Things) is an extension of the internet. It includes devices and physical assets ranging from smart home solutions to sensor-equipped pet trackers, robots and a lot more. This business has let us connect with almost everything. Moreover, there is potential for a lot of growth in the technologically advanced era.

Besides hardware, IoT is associated with many terms such as technologies, applications, use cases and standards. Basically, these use sensors, actuators, hardware, connectivity and software to capture and exchange data.

Undoubtedly, IoT is a constantly growing concept used by several businesses and many startups have also started using this technology. If you want to work for any such IoT startup in Berlin, then here we list some of them hiring at a fast rate as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Heigo Varik, Kristjan Maruste, Teet Praks
Funding: €660k

CoModule is an OEM supplier of connectivity and IoT technology founded in 2014. The company is involved in custom electronics, cloud-based analytics software and mobile applications. It focuses on vehicle (bicycle, scooters and electric bikes) manufacturers and component suppliers involved in supplying displays and batteries.


Founders: Julian Hueck, Marius Lissautzki
Funding: €16 million

Founded in 2016, Tink is the first comparison and sales platform, which specialises in connected home products. They will help users find detailed and independent expert reviews that will make their homes smarter. It offers the right solution for homes with security, entertainment, heating efficiency and lifestyle-related products and services.

German Autolabs

Founders: Holger G. Weiss, Patrick Weissert
Funding: €10.2 million

German Autolabs exists since 2016 and is committed to providing AI-powered voice assistance for cars. The startup carries the credits of being the world’s first AI-powered voice assistant for cars. It delivers a best-in-class voice assistant for the automotive industry and is rapidly expanding across the European markets.


Founders: Christian Bogatu, Claudia Nagel, Peter Dietrich
Funding: €4 million

KIWI provides secure and hands-free access to large multi-tenant buildings since 2012. The entrance door unlocks comfortably without any keys or buttons with its IoT solution. It’s Ki transponder or mobile app will let users enjoy safety and convenience to a great extent.


Founders: Harald Zapp, Jackson Bond, Michael Bommer
Funding: €63.5 million

relayr founded in 2013 is an Industrial Internet of Things (IioT) startup that delivers a complete solution for risk-free digital transformations. The company unleashes data insights from machines, equipment and production lines to improve customers’ business outcomes. With this company, operators, manufacturers and service companies for industrial equipment can implement fully interoperable IoT solutions to achieve their targets.


Founders: Bjoern von Siemens, Dennis Kogan
Funding: €39.8 million

Founded in 1991, Caresyntax solutions and services let surgical care providers reduce risk with actionable clinical data that is available via a combination of data analytics and IoT technologies. The startup helps surgeons and healthcare executives manage surgical risk as well as quality and enhance outcomes.

HELLA Aglaia

CEO: Dr. Rolf Breidenbach

HELLA Aglaia was founded in 1998. It is a leading developer of intelligent visual sensor systems in the world. It develops mono- and stereo-camera systems, software programming and image processing. It develops innovative industrial solutions and effective products for electromobility and driver-assistance systems.


CEO: Dr. Nicolaus Gollwitzer

NEXT enables companies to make better use of growth opportunities due to digitisation. It uses Advanced Data Analytics and focuses on social and economic advantages. It works on IoT solutions and its IoT software platform Geeny helps its clients offer connected solutions for their users.

Azeti Networks

Founders: Dirk Sommerfeld, Thorsten Schaefer
Funding: €16.3 million

Founded in the mid-2000s, Azeti Networks offers software solutions related to sensor data evaluation and machine monitoring. It is used in over 1,000 installations across the world and helps companies in production and telecommunications sectors letting them operator safely and efficiently. The company has its headquarters in Berlin and operates in Lünen as well.

R3 Communications

Founders: Christian Dombrowski, Florian Bonanati, James Gross, Mathias Bohge

Founded in 2015, R3 Communications has developed ultra-reliable real-time communication systems used in IoT and industry 4.0 applications. The proprietary technology by the company called EchoRing circumvents the issues related to common wireless communication systems.

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