These 14 startups are disrupting the future of smart mobility in Europe in 2019

These 14 startups are disrupting the future of smart mobility in Europe in 2019

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Just like any other industry, the automotive field is undergoing a massive transformation, thanks to technology and global warming. In favour of environmental sustainability and cost-effective options, a lot of them are inclined towards shared mobility options.

Embracing these trends, the automotive industry is trying out different option and reframing the way they do business. In an attempt to stay relevant, a lot of companies are trying out Smart mobility, which involves flexibility, a multi-modal transport system, a lot of customisation and much more.

Adopting smart mobility is a very good way to achieve a sustainable automotive future benefiting the society, the industry and of course the individual as well. Furthermore, transportation will be adjusted according to individual needs.

In this regard, here are the 14 startups redefining smart mobility in 2019 according to the Mobility Labs. For the starters, Mobility Lab is an initiative of De Verkeersonderneming, SmartwayZ.NL, the municipality of The Hague and ZO Slim B Accessible.

The aim of the Mobility Lab is to give space to new and innovative ideas that contribute to better accessibility. Mobility Lab provides ample room for this in the Rotterdam, The Hague and North Brabant region. After two successful editions, around 70 startups signed up for the third Mobility Labs 2019 edition. After a series of pitching and speed dating, the jury panel chose the 14 startups that will be allowed to test their prototype in the upcoming days.


Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Funding: €700K

Cargoroo is a smart electric bicycle platform striving for a more livable city with less CO2 emissions. The electric bike carriers are at fixed locations and can be rented through the app for a short and longer ride.

Mobility Sensing

Headquarters: Hilversum, The Netherlands

The company has developed a compact IoT device full of sensors, StreetSense. It counts traffic, monitors the temperature of the road surface and measures whether the road surface is dry, wet or scattered. The information is available live for road authorities. Moreover, it provides up-to-date information about the city, so they can plan and manage their infrastructure better.


Headquarters: North Brabant, TheNetherlands

Their company’s AI service helps to optimise parking capacity and prices in cities. It helps cities to make a smarter decision regarding their parking policy. Using data from parking meters, scan cars, and parking passes, they make predictions and simulate the impact of policy changes.


Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

VMC has built an open blockchain platform where different means of transport can be booked, reserved and paid for. With this, travellers can easily travel with all different ‘as a service’ services.


Headquarters: Santa Monica United States

Total Funding: €377M

Bird operates as a dockless electric scooter company developing a vehicle sharing platform. They work closely with cities to help make transportation better and more environmentally friendly. The company was founded in 2017 by a former Uber and Lyft executive, Travis VanderZanden.

Headquarters: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Captain AI is pioneering an autonomous shipping solution based on state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms. It develops software that makes safe autonomous sailing possible. In this case, the boats are equipped with various sensors with which all data can be read. It facilitates autonomous sailing with the skipper ashore who monitors.


Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands

It provides a toolbox for a group of residents who want to share vehicles. Furthermore, DEEL provides all the documents as well as needed to set up a cooperative to share cars.

Headquarters: The Netherlands is a unique sharing and mobility product that offers a very user-friendly and location-driven solution. They use a modular and 100% electric vehicle mix from scooters to commercial vehicles.


Headquarters: No info

eVoltify provides mobile charging equipment for the electric car when the vehicle is parked on the streets. With a smartphone, users can submit a charging request, upon which, the car is charged with special equipment.


Headquarters: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Fimilio is a light electric cargo vehicle that can move a carry a load of 500kg on all European cycle paths. With this, operational cost is saved. The company focuses primarily on building, parcel and express companies.

IM Efficiency

Headquarters: Heerlen, The Netherlands

IM Efficiency wants to make freight transport by road more sustainable and has developed a solar system for truck called SolarOnTop. As per the company, clean electricity is generated through flexible solar panels on the roof. This saves up to 5.5% fuel.

JP Motorcycles

Headquarters: The Netherlands

The company is developing a 100% electrically driven and virtually maintenance free motorcycle with 72 litres of internal storage for luggage. This makes this motorcycle the most economical solution for a practical, fast and environmentally friendly transport.


Headquarters: No info

Fesla makes contactless charging for e-bikes through the Fesla bicycle standard and loading tile. The company want to run a pilot with a municipality or logistics organisation that want to tackle the proliferation of e-bikes.

LightMotion BV

Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Since there is a huge shortage of public charging points, the company is developing a lamppost with smart technology including charging points for an electric car. The company is aiming to create a fine-meshed smart city system for the city of the future.

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