These 5 app startups from Belgium will help you make the most out of summers

These 5 app startups from Belgium will help you make the most out of summers

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Starting a startup through apps is all about ideas. Coming up with best ideas that connects with people instantly is not an easy task at all. Quite lately, app entrepreneurs in Belgium are coming up with out-of-the-box ideas in various fields that seems to work well and liked by the people. Here are 5 best app startups that you should look out for this year. In case, if you think we’ve missed any or if you know any new one, let us know in the comments section.

#1 Fibricheck

Fibricheck is a medical app based out of Belgium, that enables heart rhythm monitoring using your smartphone camera. It also detects heart-based disorders including atrial fibrillation, ectopic beats, and much more.

In order to measure it, the patient needs to place the finger for 60 seconds on the smartphone camera to detect the pulse waveform using the optical light and camera of the smartphone. This app requires a smartphone with camera and flash functionalities. It is available on both Android and iOS.

In fact, the app integrates with healthkit on iOS to collect relevant information. Founded by Bie Gorp, Bieke Van Gorp, Jo Van der Auwera, Kobe Leysen, Lars Grieten in 2014, this venture has raised a total funding amount of $1.7M

#2 Too Good To Go

Each and every day lots of foods are being wasted across the country. In an attempt to avoid food wastage, this app helps restaurants, bakeries, and supermarkets around the city to reduce their daily food waste.

Founded in 2015, this startup lets you can buy food for as low as £2 using the app that would have been wasted otherwise. All you need to do is to download the app, find a store and place your order, collect it at a specified time and enjoy your meal. The company has raised a total funding amount of $32K backed by two investors.

#3 itsme

Based out of Belgium, itsme is a digital ID which can be used to verify your identity digitally and safely. With this app, you can log in safely, share ID information and confirm actions with the mobile phone. You can create your unique digital ID in a single click. To activate your account, you’ll need your bank card or your eID and a card reader.

#4 Pawshake

Are you terrified of leaving your pet alone in your house? Worry not! Pawshake helps you find a pet-friendly family to keep your pets while you’re away or find a pet loving sitter who comes to your home to feed it.

This app helps pet parents to connect with trusted and insured sitters across 15 countries. Pawshakers sitters can do dog boarding, dog sitting, doggy day care, dog walking, cat sitting, small animal sitting and house sitting services.

Founded by Dries Coucke, Tanguy Peers in 2013, this startup has raised a total funding amount of $1.5M.

#5 Cowboy

Cowboy is a new bicycle startup based out of Belgium. Founded by Adrien Roose, Karim Slaoui, Tanguy Goretti in 2017, this startup lets you move around the city without breaking a sweat.

The neatly designed electric bikes come equipped with built-in sensor technology, that measures speed and torque. Owners can connect to the bike through a mobile app that features a secure key, live stats, and GPS tracking. Furthermore, with 2.5 hours of charging, the user can roam around the city for 50km.

In addition to this, the electric bike has front and rear lights and built-in brake light that lights up when the hydraulic brakes are used. The company has raised a total funding amount of $3M.

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