These are 10 exciting French fintech startups to work for in 2019

These are 10 exciting French fintech startups to work for in 2019

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The rapid growth in digitisation and technology have transformed several aspects across the business ecosystem. And, the financial sector is no stranger. Fintech is non-other than businesses that deploy technology to serve users. This specific industry is a dynamic and brisk one involving more and more companies following innovative business models.

France offers a thriving space for fintech companies. Apparently, there are over hundreds of promising fintech players in this country, especially it’s capital Paris. And, if you want to work for a French company, then the fintech industry is something that you should consider. You can work with any promising fintech company as listed below sourced from Dealroom.


Founders – Guilhem Bellion, Jordane Giuly, Rodolphe Ardant
Funding – €10 million

Spendesk is a fintech company founded in 2016 to help businesses manage their spending. The startup has developed an innovative solution to help businesses get all the control that they need. Employees working with the clients of Spendesk make use of the SaaS solution for purchase requests, access virtual cards for online payments and scan receipts while paying with a prepaid Mastercard card.


Founders – Firmin Zocchetto, Florian Fournier, Ghislain de Fontenay
Funding – €19.5 million

Payfit uses a SaaS solution to make paying employees much easier. Founded in 2015, the startup allows SMEs to manage payments and leaves of employees easily without any knowledge in payroll. The employer will have to ask a few simple questions and generate pay sheets automatically.


Founders – Nicolas Reboud, Raphael Simon
Funding – €10.8 million

Since 2017, Shine is involved in building an alternative to the traditional bank accounts aimed at the freelancers in the country. In France, it isn’t easy to work as a freelancer unlike many other countries. To work as a freelancer, one has to register a micro-company, report the earnings for corporate taxes and sales tax collection. Shine makes the process simple by offering everything in one app.


Founders – Steve Anavi, Alexandre Prot
Funding – €31.6 million

Qonto established in 2016 provides startups with online banking solutions. It presents itself as the first completely online SME financing tool. It offers online banking service let startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs create a bank account within five minutes. Also, they will instantly receive an IBAN and can manage the company’s digital and physical business cards and perform day-to-day operations.

Founders – Anthony Jouannau, Eric Mignot, Salah Hamida
Funding – €10.8 million

+Simple is an insurance robo-broker for SMEs and freelancers. Established in 2015, the startup requires clients to answer a set of questions to help it generate customised and competitive insurance packages. Users can sign in and pay within minutes via a seamless e-commerce interface and also manage claims.

Margo Bank

Founders – Jean-Daniel Guyot, Michel Galibert
Funding – €6.4 million

Founded in 2017, Margo Bank is known for its ticket-buying app called Captain Train. The startup provides small and medium businesses with smarter digital deposit account services that are needed for them to carry out their operations.


Founders – Antoine Porte, Cyril Chiche
Funding – €24.3 million

Lydia founded in 2011 aims to make payments easier for clients. It lets users spend money abroad without any specific fee on both withdrawals and payments, pay contactless using any mobile device without a limit and in a secure manner, manage the bank account from a single app, and more. It lets users pay online safely with unlimited internet cards and set up shared expenses fairly and get notifications to manage the expenses.


Founders: Charles Gorintin, Jean-Charles Samuelian
Funding – €77.6 million

Alan is a digital health insurance platform founded in 2016. it focuses on providing a great user experience with hassle-free digital insurance solutions. With its insurance solutions, the company makes healthcare simpler, smarter, and better. It prioritises SMEs and freelancers.


Founders – Pierre Chapon, Renaud Pestre
Funding – €10.6 million

This startup was launched in 2017 in Paris. Pretto makes the search for a mortgage simpler, cheaper and faster than ever before. Its mission is to reconstruct the experience of its users who are looking for complex credit with the help of technology.


Founders: Eric Larchevêque, Joel Pobeda, Nicolas Bacca, Thomas France
Funding – €70.1 million

Ledger launched in 2014 provides both security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications for both individuals and companies. This is possible with its unique and proprietary technology. The startup develops a variety of products and services such as Ledger hardware wallets available in over 165 countries across the world.

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