This Dutch scaleup is helping Amsterdam to become a ‘Smart City’

This Dutch scaleup is helping Amsterdam to become a ‘Smart City’

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In a recent development, Dutch fiber-optic provider Eurofiber has joined hands with Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) network to work towards the smart city developments in the Netherlands. The development was confirmed recently during the kickoff event of Amsterdam Smart City | The next chapter.

‘Eurofiber and the Amsterdam region are closely connected,’ said, Hilda Koenes, director of marketing at Eurofiber. ‘Our fiber optic network in the capital is very fine-meshed. This not only provides connectivity for Amsterdam hospitals, schools, metro services, energy stations and the water network, but also forms the basis for smart city applications.

‘Already for example about 50 bridges and locks in the region are connected via the Eurofiber network, as well as 200 bus shelters and dozens of security cameras in the public space. Koenes said, ‘For the near future you can think of intelligent traffic installations and a large number of other Internet of Things applications.’

Not just technology

The cooperation means that Eurofiber is included in the smart city network of the Amsterdam region. It is a partnership for the duration of one year, with the intention to extend. Koenes was also saying in the official press release, ‘Because our network is the basis of the smart society, we are close to developments. In this way, we can make our contribution and anticipate future needs in the market.

For example, we are also closely involved in smart mobility initiatives, such as self-driving cars and intelligent traffic installations. The interesting thing about the partners in the ASC network is that so many sectors are represented. In addition to ICT and other tech companies, for example, the municipality and social organizations and businesses are also part of the network.

Amsterdam Smart City (ASC)

Amsterdam Smart City is an open collective of residents, companies, knowledge institutions and public organizations. ASC aims to work towards the essential changes that are necessary for the social and economic development of the city and region through cooperation.

By combining brainpower, skills and networks we can jointly develop better streets, neighborhoods and cities. With a focus on the most important transitions that are going on, namely mobility, digitization, energy and the circular economy.

For those who are not aware, Eurofiber Netherlands claims to be a fast-growing supplier of high-quality digital infrastructure. With its own fiber optic network and network solutions, Eurofiber offers companies, governments and non-profit organizations a future fixed and open infrastructure.

Since its foundation in 2000, Eurofiber has been expanding the infrastructure continuously. The fiber optic network of almost 30,000 km offers national coverage in the Netherlands and Belgium and extends to Germany.

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