This Dutch startup is on a mission to save Netherlands from food wastage

This Dutch startup is on a mission to save Netherlands from food wastage

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Currently, in the world around one-third of the food goes waste.

As per the Food and Agriculture Organisation, a huge amount of perfect and good food is not eaten and thrown away in the waste bins. While it’s a waste of money, it’s also a waste of natural and valuable resources.

But there’s one Dutch startup from the Netherlands which is trying to help the country eradicate food wastage and contribute to the global environment.

The talk is about, Get Chef’s, the app founded specially to avoid food waste in the restaurant scene. With the app available for iOS and Android phones, users can takeaway, book a table or choose for delivery. Get Chef’s platform offers catering entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell meals that would otherwise be thrown away. Further, for every transaction, a donation goes to the Food Bank.

The application is already active in Amsterdam and now the students of the University Maastricht will also be able to use the app. By providing students dishes at a discounted rate, it will help not only to prevent food waste at home but also in the university. The integration comes as a result of collaboration between Get Chef’s and Albron, the active foodservice at the University Maastricht.

“A collaboration with the University of Maastricht is a logical step for us! Students are becoming more and more socially aware but have less to spend. Through a discount we fight against food waste and students become more aware of the impact of the waste on our planet,’’ Bruce Westeneng, co-founder Get Chef’s was quoted saying in the official company press release.

Advantages of Get Chef’s app!

#1 Through the app, consumers can buy all the dishes from the menu, even if they’ve little to spend.

#2 Also, when they are in a rush, they can pre-order food to be ready at a specific time. Or when a consumer is rattling with hunger, or they don’t have time for long queues, they can order in advance.

#3 As soon as certain dishes are in abundance; they will be offered in the application at a reduced rate. That way the user saves money and nothing is wasted! The discounts can also go higher than 35%.

#4 When a restaurant owner has too many dishes in stock, the consumer can buy them with a nice discount. The consumer saves moneys and nothing goes to waste! It’s like the “35% discount sticker” on your phone. The discounts can also be much higher than 35%. This is entirely up to the  restaurant owner. ‘

Using the Get Chef’s app, restaurant owners gain revenue and decrease food waste. In collaboration with Albron, Get Chef’s also has plans to expand to multiple locations throughout the Netherlands. Albron has actively been engaged in sustainable business for nearly 20 years now and believes the prevention of food waste as an important part of it.

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