This startup from Delft just landed €600,000 in funding to develop a revolutionary robotics technology

This startup from Delft just landed €600,000 in funding to develop a revolutionary robotics technology

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In a recent development, Delft startup IMSystems, spin-off from TU Delft has developed an alternative gear drive. Using this new transmission, the Archimedes Drive, power is transmitted documents more efficiently, in a smaller package and at a lower cost.

This ensures that the movements of robots become more accurate, more powerful and more controllable. With this drive can provide a production robot more work to 40% in the same time and arrive new applications in view of, among other things in the robot surgery.

€ 600,000 funding

To development this technology further, IMSystems has reportedly received an investment of € 600,000 from Innovation Quarter and Lucros. The investment was announced on Thursday, June 21 by Deputy Mayor of Delft Bas Vollebregt during the ‘Meet the VC’s’ event of YES! Delft.

Cars, robots and wind turbines move with the help of gear drive. But the startup claims that the system has drawbacks as, they grab the gears never quite right together, leading to power loss and imprecise movements. In addition, the gears are maintenance-prone and relatively large and heavy. Take a look at the video below to understand their concept.

First breakthrough since 60 years

The Delft IMSystems having problems now solved with a new propulsion system that shakes the world of mechanics to its foundations.

‘Archimedes Drive’ is the first real breakthrough in the world of transmissions in over sixty years. Instead of using gears IMSystems a patented (planetary) delay system having smooth hollow rollers made of hard steel which roll over each other and transfer the forces based on friction. This IMSystems is capable, in a smaller and lighter model to deliver more power than existing alternatives. Furthermore, the transmissions are more accurate due to the lack of clearance. In addition, the system requires no lubrication, which saves significant maintenance. With the promise that the product in terms of performance and price far behind the competition, IMSystems wants to revolutionize robotics market.

Edwin Berkhout, Director Lucros Investment “The Archimedes Drive IMSystems is potentially a true enabler of new applications within the emerging robotics market and beyond. The rapid development IMSystems has undergone in the past two years has been impressive in our eyes. ”

A look at the options

Because of its accurate and efficient transmission demand for the Archimedes Drive is huge. For example, for wind turbines, aircraft, and electric cars. But IMSystems pointing arrows above the robotics all major manufacturers want to lower industrial robots that can operate accurately.

And that’s exactly where the Archimedes Drive is suited for. It increases the productivity of robots that perform or inserting chips welding and enables new applications such term operations without a surgeon. Also collaborations between human and robot, called “cobots’ will take flight. Now robots are still in cages because they are dangerous because of their imprecise movements of people. But soon the robots from their cage.

Product development with large robotics manufacturers

IMSystems receives US Innovation Quarter and Lucros investment of € 600,000 in order to optimize the product and run in cooperation with the major robotics manufacturers endurance tests. The basic work, now must also be shown that the Archimedes Drive continues to run in the long term and meets the high requirements of the industry standard.

Jack Schorsch inventor and CEO of IMSystems: “With the accession of Innovation Quarter and Lucros we have two professional hands-on investors got on board to support us in the important phase of further development, product optimization and commercialization of this revolutionary technology to market.”

Successful cooperation

IMSystems is a success story of the Delft ecosystem. The inspiration for the Drive Archimedes invented at TU Delft. For further support, the company then went to the startup factory YES! Delft, after the company moved to RoboValley. Here work more than 170 robotics researchers together with entrepreneurs and other experts from the public and private sector to the next generation robotics. The company also previously received an investment of € 300,000 from the proof-of-concept fund UNIIQ.

Francis Quint, head of Innovation Quarter Capital: “We have long been in contact with IMSystems and see enormous potential in this groundbreaking technology. The company is a great example of how young companies to flourish within the regional innovation ecosystem. ”

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