Toucan Toco comes to Netherlands: How’s the French data storytelling startup different from others?

Toucan Toco comes to Netherlands: How’s the French data storytelling startup different from others?

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The art of storytelling is simple, fascinating yet complex at the same time! When it comes to data storytelling, it is all about what we do with the data available, what information we extract that makes it so valuable. This in turn helps the company to  to fine-tune their strategies and optimize efforts in order to reach new heights.

Toucan Toco brings Data Storytelling to the Dutch

There are lots of companies out there in the market that specialise in this particular field. In this regard, Toucan Toco, a French startup specialised in data storytelling starts its activity in the Dutch market. With this expansion, the company aims to make data accessible to as many people as possible and not just limiting to analysts and data scientists.

How’s Toucan Toco different from its rivals?

When it comes to an organisation, each and every user has their own story and uses data for various ideas. For example, a CEO of a company wants to know the financial status, a marketer wants to see how many leads a campaign has raised. In this case, Toucan Toco works towards the company’s goal of making data accessible to as many professionals as possible, and not just to analysts and data scientists.

Delivered through cloud

Paris-based Toucan Toco’s solutions provide context for large amounts of data, so that, each user can quickly gain insight for his or her job. Moreover, the solutions are delivered through the cloud and provide real-time insights that help people to have an up-to-date view of the information. The company’s app is available on mobile devices through user-friendly apps.

Acute Shortage Of Professionals

As per the recent report, the volume of information grows by 60 percent per year. At the same time, 62 percent of employees do not have access to that information to base their decisions on and there is a shortage of professionals who can carry out data analysis. This means companies are not getting the most out of their data.

Baptiste Jourdan, Co-founder & Business Development Director at Toucan Toco, “With Toucan Toco we wanted to simplify something that was complicated. By visualizing data with our data storytelling software, we give every organization the opportunity to implement a data-driven culture. This way, every employee can use the power of data visualization to make better decisions and be successful. ”

He also added, “We notice that almost every organization is looking for a simple way to maximally leverage data throughout the entire organization. This means there’s a huge growth potential we can benefit from.”

Founded in 2014, the company employs around 60 people and is used by customers including JCDecaux, La Banque Postale, L’Oréal and Moët Hennessy to visualize data in a user-friendly way.

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