How Dutch startup Cabture creates an interactive taxi experience

How Dutch startup Cabture creates an interactive taxi experience

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Cabture wants to make your time during traveling as worthwhile as possible. The Dutch startup has created data-driven software that communicates interactively with taxi passengers, creating a valuable journey for both advertiser and passenger(s). With success; within two years, the company has grown from an ‘undiscovered’ startup to scale-up. After participating in a Startupbootcamp accelerator program and raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign on international platform Eureeca, Cabture is now ramping up their international expansion.

For most people, time spent traveling is considered a huge waste of time. Unfortunately, as this time offers a lot of opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and service. With Cabture, Louaie El Rowidi aims to add value out of the travel time. Cabture has created onboard information software for taxi’s integrated within a tablet, the Cabtab, to enhance the travel experience of passengers.

The software offers passengers safety, relevant content, and entertainment. The Cabtab shows practical travel information, has integrated various music and news services and informs passengers in real-time what their destination has to offer in terms of hospitality and retail.

Door-to-door experience

During their taxi ride, passengers check into their flight, take a look at the program of a convention that they are attending to scour the nightlife options of a particular city by checking the timetables and play music samples. “We provide a door-to-door experience, fitting for the 24/7 economy that we live in today”, El Rowidi says.


Larger platforms such as Tours & Tickets, Amsterdam based venues like The Harbour Club, and Club AIR, and brands like Samsung, already acknowledge Cabture and have initiated partnerships. Now that Cabture is fully operational in the Netherlands, the company is ramping up international growth.


To be fully prepped, the startup participated in an accelerator program of Startupbootcamp in 2016. Simultaneously, Cabture has set up a crowdfunding campaign on international platform Eureeca to connect with strategic investors in order to raise so called smart money. Eureeca, connecting Europe, the Middle-East, Southeast-Asia and the United Kingdom, has not only ensured Cabture’s financial situation, but also gave the company access to foreign markets for their product introduction.

“By using an international platform, we got the chance to find proud co-owners who could assist us to build up our company locally”, El Rowidi explains.

Once finishing the accelerator program and raising the funds, Cabture worked hard on expanding the business. Successful pilots in Austria and Germany are rounded up and companies from both Singapore and South-America have shown interest in the software.

United Arab Emirates

Remarkably, Cabture has struck a deal with the government of the United Arab Emirates to install the software in 2.200 cabs for the 2020 World Expo in Dubai, to inform the tourists of all that the city has to offer.

Every time the Cabture team is planning to expand to unknown markets, they return to the drawing board. “Every market is different and requires a unique approach”, says El Rowidi.

In addition to offering their product to cabs El Rowidi sees a future for the software in different public transportation means. “Our dream is to offer travellers a seamless and engaging experience, in every form of transportation”, El Rowidi concludes.


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